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Mar 28, 2013 LyleAustin commented on I, Anonymous.
There's an awful lot of assumptions being made here.

Was the husband a stranger that had never met the parents before? The kids had obviously met the dog before, how did the dog get there previously? (Now I'm assuming the kids had never been to the Nanny's home.)

Just saying... We don't have enough details to pass judgment. ('Course that's never stopped anybody before.)
Sep 14, 2011 LyleAustin commented on Savage Love.
Regarding LW2, assuming the parents know about the relationship, the thought going the mother's name is probably "Isn't that sweet, he's giving him a foot rub."

The father is probably thinking "Damn, I sure would like to get a foot rub once in a while."
May 24, 2011 LyleAustin commented on SL Letter of the Day: Long Form.
MrPhonz, you said that Stella had gone back to Stanley...

Has she returned to the group yet, complaining about Stanley and searching for the limelight again? If so, now's the time for you to switch her oncoming train onto another line and avoid the train wreck. It's a lot better to observe the carnage than to be in the middle of it.

You'll come out of it shaking your head and saying "Why did I ever put myself in that mess in the first place?"
Oct 17, 2010 LyleAustin joined My Stranger Face
Oct 17, 2010 LyleAustin commented on Savage Love.
It has been my personal experience that when someone proclaims to be a "good christian," you need to run away from them just as fast and far away as you can. (Or they take advantage of you or rob you anyway they can.)

A truly good person doesn't feel the need to tell you how good they are.