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Jun 13 gman5541 commented on Kshama Sawant Rips "Abomination" of Unpaid Internships at UW Social Work Graduation Ceremony.
@kinson That's true, but what Sawant is getting at is these folks are basically getting free labor while most interns do very comparable work of the professionals. I know because it happened to me too: I was working as an unpaid intern while going to school during the recent recession while I was getting unemployment. Techinically, the non-profit organization I was working for could get away with it since it was considered volunteer work and while my supervisor was trying to set me up as a permanent worker there, it was rebuffed by the management.
Jun 5 gman5541 commented on Shooting at Seattle Pacific University: Multiple Victims, No Fatalities, Two Suspects in Custody.
Odd. Of all the places in Seattle for which I could get shot, the neighborhoods around Seattle Pacific would be at the bottom of the list. Hopefully, no one got seriously hurt.
May 1 gman5541 commented on Atlas Shrugged Is Not as Influential as It Used to Be.
Let's be real: After listening to a recent review of that book, why would I want to read it? Unless I was some idiot Republican would loved being dominant over or liked to slap women? Nah . . .
Apr 9 gman5541 commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
I don't understand this: If you're making $15 an hour, there's not gonna to be much need for tips, unless you're averaging about $20 - $40 a day getting them! Not the greatest money, but fairly livable if you're single and have no kids.
Mar 7 gman5541 commented on Stranger Sales Rep Taunts Editorial Employee with Terrifying Face Wear.
The thing about Google Glass is everyone knows you're wearing Glass!
Mar 6 gman5541 commented on Kshama Sawant Doesn't Support Phasing In $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage.
Uh, she didn't say no. She's said "maybe, if there's an acceptable counterproposal". That's not no at all. Mr. Holden should be wise to report the facts and refrain from making assumptions.
Mar 3 gman5541 commented on Elliott Bay Books Owner Says $15 Minimum Wage Could Be "Possibly Fatal".
Being honest, in his case, a $15 min. wage would hurt. Let's not forget that Elliot Bay has to compete with Amazon, Apple and other book sellers who are selling the much cheaper e-books, and then there Netflix for movie rentals.
Feb 27 gman5541 commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
Nah. If a person is allowed to discriminate against you then it gives other, like-minded individuals the license to do so. It's not a good reason to do so v.s. If you were a rude customer. African-Americans found that out the hard way and The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the end result.
Feb 14 gman5541 commented on Mayor Ed Murray on the Comcast/Time Warner Merger: It's "Bad for Consumers, Bad for the Future of the Internet, and Bad for Democracy".
Not that I hate Comcast and / or Time Warner, but I would like to see greater competition from companies like Wave Broadband and Frontier.
Feb 10 gman5541 commented on Blocking Microsoft Vans Won't Make Seattle More Affordable.
I hate to say this, but Holden is correct: Microsoft isn't the cause of unaffordable housing in Seattle.

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