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Jan 5, 2013 geovincent commented on Hey, You Just Had Buttsex—Is That Santorum Leaking Out of Your Ass?.
Of course he's "full of it." They sewed his sphincter shut!
Dec 12, 2011 geovincent commented on Savage Love Episode 268.
Aww, I'll miss Lucy!

Goodbye, Lucy! Please come back and keep Dan on his toes!
Jun 8, 2011 geovincent commented on Help Me Write My Speech for the Webby Awards!.
"Do not rawdog a random."
May 12, 2011 geovincent commented on SL Letter of the Day: Euro Trashed.
Is this a serious question? I'm in a similar "awesome since the moment we met" relationship that started when I was 22, and right after meeting my guy I left to spend a year teaching abroad. Cheating never even crossed my mind, and I know the same was true for him. It's not as if men are incapable of self-control, you know, and some guys really only want the person they love.

I'm not sure if ALG is incredibly insecure or just has a very long opinion of men, but she needs to reexamine things in a more reasonable light. Or, if she really has a guy who can't go without for six weeks (!), she should consider dumping him or learning to deal with it.
Apr 19, 2011 geovincent commented on SL Letter of the Day: Teacher Seeks Porn Advice.
I'd definitely recommend going through a different internet connection. From your question, I'm guessing you (like me) don't know computers so well as to be 100% certain what you're doing is encrypted.

Isn't the cost of an aircard or tethering your phone worth the piece of mind to know you're not risking an ugly scene that could lead to you losing your job?
Feb 1, 2011 geovincent commented on Jesus Roves the Rittle Childlen.
La Marseillaise was my favorite part. Jesus may love teaching children to be racist, but he also loves mixing up national anthems!

Also, was grey felt really the best they could find?
Oct 17, 2010 geovincent joined My Stranger Face
Oct 17, 2010 geovincent commented on “But that’s too far down for a clit—it’s like a big, weird ball.”.
I love the Stranger's version of a file photo. Does this fall under "camera"?