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May 25, 2016 sirmarksalot commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
I like the shoutout for Monorail Espresso, but the description gives you the mistaken impression that they aren't friendly, which couldn't be further from the truth. While a few jokes on the window might give it a surly vibe, the baristas really nice. It's the kind of place where they remember your order and get it ready before you even make eye contact. One of the many things I miss about working downtown.
Nov 20, 2014 sirmarksalot commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
@23 That's what they teach you to do in driving school. The only thing that the person might be doing wrong is not waiting for you to either stop or go around. Or do you think the law means that they have to give you the spot because you got there second?…
Sep 16, 2014 sirmarksalot commented on Bike Traffic Triples Thanks to New Protected Bike Lane.
@17: I think the percentage of cyclists I encounter blowing through stop signs is higher than the percentage of cars I see doing the same. Granted, there's probably some sampling bias, as the careful cyclists might try to avoid being on the arterials during rush hour.

One traffic signal I'd like some clarification on is the West entrance to the UW, where they have a separate light for pedestrians, and prohibit turning right on red. It's a great system for avoiding pedestrian injuries (though some motorists still turn right anyway), but there's no indication as to when the cyclists on the separated path are supposed to go. When I'm driving, I'm super paranoid about turning right on green, because I just don't know whether the bikes will go on green, or if they'll wait for the pedestrian signal.
Sep 3, 2014 sirmarksalot commented on Storyville Coffee's Connection to Mars Hill Is Now a Direct One.
This place wasn't even on my radar, so my boycott would be meaningless anyway. But where the owner spends his salary is really none of my business. If he believes in a religion that I don't, that's his prerogative. There's a fine line between not wanting to support a church, and ostracizing people based on their religion. Front companies are one thing, but jumping in based only on the evidence at hand seems equivalent to boycotting Catholic or Jewish-run businesses.

If there's ever any indication that he's funneling money from the business directly to the church, or paying himself a disproportionate salary for that purpose, then I'll join the outcry, but for the time being, let's tread lightly.
Mar 10, 2014 sirmarksalot commented on Tear Down the Damn Viaduct Already!.
Mr. Murray, tear down this viaduct!
May 8, 2013 sirmarksalot commented on The Fight Against Small Apartments.
I don't want things to change either. I want Seattle to be exactly like it was two years ago, with plenty of nice restaurants and coffee shops in walking distance, available housing in urban centers (though you had to hunt for it), and pretty craftsman houses for rent.

But they are changing, and that is inevitable. Prices will go up, density will go up, parking will disappear and every halfway decent restaurant will have a line going out the door. We cannot control this. Microhousing didn't cause it, and banning it won't fix it. The demand is there, and the demand will create the future.

You'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone because the times, they are a changing.
Oct 17, 2010 sirmarksalot joined My Stranger Face
Oct 17, 2010 sirmarksalot commented on VOTE, BABY, VOTE!.
I'd like to hear a discussion of 1082. I'm seeing signs along the road reading "I-1082: Good for insurance companies, bad for you," and I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what the consequences are compared to the law as it stands.

The anti-1082 groups pull out the buzzwords, "Republican" and "AIG," but don't really explain in any detail why allowing private workers' comp. insurance will cause workers not to be compensated, premiums to increase, etc. The only decent point I can see on their site is that the private companies will headhunt all the low-risk companies and increase the overall risk of the state option, thus increasing premiums. A decent argument, but I'd like to see some point-counterpoint.

As for the pro-1082 side, all I see is the standard right-wing "JOBS ARE GOOD, HIPPIE."

Anyone want to take a stab at this?