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Sep 5, 2013 Professor commented on Savage Love.
Those are MINE!

Now I understand the divorce rate. MUCH more important to demonstrate your power- with or without the switchblade- than to keep a civil, happy relationship. Men are fascinated by boobs. How pathetic is it to be offended that your boyfriend is fascinated by YOUR boobs. He is already in a world of hurt but God help him if SHE upgrades that "boyfriend" title. Run, my son. Run like the wind.

Have women really became such byatches since my dating days?
Jun 7, 2013 Professor commented on Savage Love.
Dan sure nailed it- this chick better stay away from the message boards. In fact all the women here simply confirm what I have always believed and known.

Not only is RAPE not about sex, SEX is not even about SEX- to women. SEX is about POWER. Listen to this writer- she was grinding and making out with a guy. She could feel his hardness and reveled in her power to tantalize, deny, manipulate, and punish. Then, when he ejaculates in an embarrassing loss of control- WITHOUT HER PERMISSION!!!- it becomes an issue to obsess over for years.

Oh no! I was not able to pull the strings on another human being and make him jump through hoops and torture him before he got off. Whoa is me! I was not able to control my man! Oh No! I was raped. Yes, that is it. When I am making out with a man it is RAPE if he becomes excited without my permission. Got it and thanks for clarifying.

The girl is confusing being a girlfriend with being a wife. Just get married and you can play your little games all you want. Tantalize, deny, manipulate, and punish. Tantalize, deny, manipulate, and punish. Tantalize, deny, manipulate, and punish.

What an incredible emo bitch! How is she going to handle it if she is ACTUALLY assaulted, or her child dies, or anything else that is TRULY traumatic happens? Get help and while your at it get over it. Flame on!
May 16, 2013 Professor commented on Savage Love.
Good lord, all the angry lesbians! We can really see the monster behind the mask here people. Just read between the lines. Not only don't they want to fuck a guy (much less suck his dick which I find unforgivable) they are OFFENDED at the mere thought that a man might get any pleasure whatsoever from them.

You revealed yourselves girls. It is about a neo-Freudian hatred of men, not any true love of the glazed doughnut face. Got ya gals.
Feb 23, 2013 Professor commented on Savage Love Episode 329.
I have a M.S. in medicine and have no idea what the preacher is screaming about. Trying give him the benefit of the doubt but dead babies? No infections? This is not how the pill works which prevents ovulation so no eggs, and no babies. IUD's don't work like this either, they prevent attachment of the 'dead babies' so they would no, ahem, hang around. I wonder if he is talking about Plan-B? Abortoficient drugs might leave behind microscopic products of conception.

Sep 24, 2012 Professor commented on Savage Love.
"Your girlfriend, like so many other girlfriends and boyfriends before her, may be trying to run out the clock. She may hope that by the time you realize she's never going to do your bedroom favorites, you'll be too emotionally invested in the relationship to dump her."

My wife told me she loved to give head and receive oral sex. This was the first but not the last lie she would tell me.
Sep 2, 2012 Professor commented on Savage Love.
Let me settle the arugment legally speaking: This was NOT rape. Yes ladies, despite your desperate attempts to ONLY define rape on YOUR terms, a tiny vestige of reasonableness manages to peak through. Rape is a volitional act on the part of the perpetrator. I know, we thought women only get to decide when, how, if rape occurse since it totally depends on her perception...right? Wrong! If the "rapist" was unconscious, asleep, etc then this cannot- ipso facto- be a case of "legitimate" rape. Had to say it, sorry.
Sep 2, 2012 Professor commented on Savage Love.
OK, I call bullcrap on the second letter. We are to believe a guy is pissed and feels violated about being woken up for sex (during sex, whatever). Sleepy crabby perhaps but react like Tom Cruise when surrounded by the pink slime? I don't think so- unless he is gay or the scientologists told him to do it.

On the first letter, the long suffering rape-ee needs to find an easy way to wake up her husband and also defend herself. Stop being a victim! A wet willie (spit on finger, finger in ear) might do it less violently than a slap. Fingers up his nose, in the mouth and pinching the lips, or pressed into the jaw muscle is also something to consider. Once she learns how to do it:
---One hand around the back of the kneck, fingers on the occipital muscle,
---the other hand gripping the front of the head- fingers in nose, mouth or grabbing the jaw) she will find it easy to move him around- control the head and the body follows. I am a black belt in karate and these are incredibly easy, basic moves. Harder to do against a larger stronger opponent trying to defend himself- but childs play if he is asleep. You could learn how to do it and defend yourself in 10 minutes.
Aug 14, 2012 Professor commented on Savage Love.
Crap you can't edit when your stoned. I got it- Dan used the singer because that was the 'crush' she was questioning her sexuality about. OK, it is still ridiculous- she questions her sexuality over some singer? However it is certainly not Dan being ridiculous. He is so sweet to this confused little creature. My 6 year old learned on family guy the simple truth:
Meg: I thought being gay wasn't a choice." Lesbian Teen: Well not for guys."
Aug 14, 2012 Professor commented on Savage Love.
22 y/o and never been kissed. This sounds like a more serious problem than the adoring and/or cute way Dan handled this. I assume he is trying to promote some gay singer or other and always thought that was in poor taste- promoting people just because they share your sexual functions? So it is OK if I only promote singers who are straight and only because they are straight? Didn't think so. Great advice to the letter writer anyway.

As long as I am grumping about the gays in this response then a pox on your house in the second letter for taking most of the butt play. Straight guys also have a prostate- who knew?
Aug 8, 2012 Professor commented on Savage Love.
One can easily explain the fascination with porn by men- consider that the wisest man who ever lived (Solomon according to the Bible) had 1,100 wives and 800 concubines. I would guess he did not spend much time jerking off to porn. Variety is the spice of life.

To the women who are jealous and/or hostile to porn that is easily explained: Feminine power is the power to deny the man his pleasure. Since the woman (9 out of 10 relationships with different numbers perhaps for Dan's audience) is the one with the power to say NO then her power over the man is decreased by his ability to obtain orgams outside the relationship. Wasn't that fun?