Sep 27, 2011 FLgirl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Gay Space.
A good subtle sign is a rainbow watchband. They're found a lot of places.
Feb 26, 2011 FLgirl commented on What He Said.
Hate to say I told you so about Obama, but...then again, no I don't. On topics this explosive, with the salivating right wingers just waiting to pounce and get political cred off his decisions, he's had to go slow. But he's moved constantly forward, and little by little, a lot gets done. Problems are solved in pieces seems to be Obama's credo, and while it isn't splashy, it works.
Feb 20, 2011 FLgirl commented on Congrats, Savage Lovers.
I've been hitting that link lately, just to help make sure it stays on top. Try it--it's fun!
Feb 17, 2011 FLgirl commented on Savage Love.
Flailing is doomed. He's got himself convinced that the grass is greener, and a world of poon awaits if he can just dump the boring loser he somehow ended up with. Five or ten years down the line, he'll realize his mistake, but by then she'll be remarried and he'll be one of those pathetic 50-year-olds hanging out at the bars, spending his "wild evenings" making embarrassing passes at bartenders young enough to be his daughters, who will put up with his ass only so long as the lavish tips hold out. Hey Flailing, have fun! Your wife deserves better anyway.
Feb 16, 2011 FLgirl commented on Savage Love Episode 226.
Awesome--always love Matisse!
Feb 16, 2011 FLgirl commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
I guess I should be posting this on Lindy's rant instead of Dan's, but I can't read through another "I am fat, hear me roar" post without gagging. Lindy may not like it, her supporters on this thread may not like it, nobody on earth may like it, but the fact remains, Dan is right on this one. Fat isn't a disease, it isn't an addiction. It's just fat. Eat less, eat healthier, move your butt ocasionally and you can lose it. And yes, I know what I'm talking about.

I used to be seriously overweight; in fact, I would say I probably made Lindy look small. Today, I'm 132 pounds, which for my height, is slim. I didn't get there by spending hours writing about some blogger who pointed out that fat people are unhealthy. I didn't get there by raging at airlines for wanting fat people to buy an extra seat. I didn't get there by trying to deny the obvious. I got there by EATING LESS AND EXCERCISING, and so can anyone else.

It's easier to rant, Lindy. It's easier to leave comments on a blog post and deny the truth. It's easier to blame genes or whatever--I blamed a thyroid condition which was partially to blame for my weight gain, although not as much as my love of bbq and cake. But blaming and ranting doesn't move your ass. Use that energy and go take a walk, go ride a bike, go for a swim. I lost mine, with a metabolism sunk through the floor, and so can you. It won't come off in a week or a month or even a year (it took me 2 1/2), but it will come off. Ranting at Dan and everyone else who makes honest statements like "what you're doing is unhealthy" will not budge an inch.
Feb 10, 2011 FLgirl commented on What He Said: Mistermix on the Craigslist Congressman.
Yeah, but the point here isn't whether Lee cheated or not, but the fact that he's a freaking MORON. You're a card-carrying Republican't douche sworn to serve a party who is beating the old family-values thing into the mud and you post pics--SHOWING YOUR FACE--on Craigslist? Asking for hookups? Like no one is going to recognize you? Guy should have been kicked out for having a lower IQ than Dubbya, if that's possible, rather than over the morals question. Hell, the Brits wouldn't even let this guy have sex; we let him help manage the govt. And we wonder why we have problems.
Feb 4, 2011 FLgirl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Let Me Dilate That For You.
@35 FTW
Feb 4, 2011 FLgirl commented on How Did a Rainbow Flag Wind Up On NOM's Website?.
Hahahahahahaha! Awesome.
Feb 3, 2011 FLgirl commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Sexual Reflects On Nearly Asexual Ex.
I don't understand why asexuals (or like the initial letter-writer, minimally sexual) people are offended by your advice. I'd think they would WANT to stay out of a relationship with someone who is going to want a lot more sex than they do, and is likely to feel resentful and hard-done-by when they don't get it. And yet, they get annoyed when you point out the very, very obvious: you're going to make a regularly-sexed person miserable if you date them, and they are probably going to return the favor. Recipe for disaster; stay away.