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Sep 17, 2013 SAILAWAY commented on Russian Official Furious at Seattle Mayor for Protesting Russia's Anti-Gay Laws.
You can Call Sally Clark's office and leave a comment 206-684-8802
Oct 1, 2012 SAILAWAY commented on Marcus Charles, Owner of The Crocodile, Explains His Backing of Rob McKenna and the "Progressive Conservative Coalition".
The Croc used to be cool,
then this guys came along and bought it.....
Jul 20, 2012 SAILAWAY commented on Forbes Says the Athenian in Pike Place Market....
well it is overpriced so that would help, but hey taking advantage of tourists is business right????
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Feb 27, 2012 SAILAWAY commented on I Move to Strike the Term 'Disco Nap' From the English Language.
Ummm - Sooo - you are too young to know maybe, maybe ask Dan.... a Disco Nap was originally what you took shortly after taking a party drug, like LSD - then in about an hour when you woke up with crazy dreams you were ready to party
Oct 19, 2011 SAILAWAY commented on Costco Dumps ANOTHER $9 Million Into Liquor Campaign.
SO.. voting against 1183 will mean another mega ad campaign next year - more money spent in Washington - more jobs ? ?
Mar 29, 2011 SAILAWAY commented on Pro-Tunnel Group Issues Dramatic Press Release.
Good thing nothing else besides us voters could cause a delay of $54 million, of course we're safe from any other possible delays/cost over-runs while building across a fault line in a seismic/tsunami zone, and under historic buildings and skyscrapers... not even mentioning a stuck tunnel boring machine which if it broke/got stuck under downtown would cause more than 4 month delay... and the huge gridlock that would occur as we closed off a 2-3 block radius of downtown to excavate the stuck boring machine...
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