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tophat is reading the stranger.
Jan 10, 2013 tophat commented on Savage Love.
I think that if this was a woman, and she was stoned/drunk, and she woke up the next day feeling this upsetand depressed, we would automatically say that she was raped, and that she should get therapy, and perhaps talk to law enforcement.
Its obvious that this guy did not consent to this act.
Mar 4, 2011 tophat commented on Savage Love.
To Mrs R,
I will take you at your word, and will not email you. I'm old enough to be your dad, and my wife, of 38 years, well, lets just say she is not as "liberated" as you and your hubby are. Good luck to you!
Mar 4, 2011 tophat commented on Savage Love.
I think that Dan is being a bit of a prankster here. I do not think that he would go against his lawyers advice, and rish a huge and costly law suit. I'd be willing to bet that this is a set up for future columns and perhaps an article.
To those of you responding to that email addy, Think twice, as you might find yourself in the Stranger!!
Feb 10, 2011 tophat commented on Savage Love.
SCIL,please, please, please get yourself fixed so that you can no longer give birth. Please do not bring anymore children into your world!

That said, I feel NO sympathy for her currant husband. He new that she was a cheater when he married her. What goes around, comes around.
Nov 23, 2010 tophat commented on Savage Love.
Cudos to 295, Mel89. This is probably the best post this subject, and definitely the most thought out. I hope that PTSD has read it, and that it is helpful to her. GOOD JOB #295!
Nov 1, 2010 tophat updated his or her bio.
Oct 28, 2010 tophat commented on Savage Love.
277, I need to add one more comment, and then I am done. I never believed that the person in the original letter was a "b...., or a Skank. I think that she was what she said she was, and that she gave 100% to her marriage. She became angry, then bitter, when her hubby dis-reguarded her desires/ needs. If he tried to work with her a bit, and been a bit more giving sexually, their never would of been a seperation ,or a third person in the marriage. I suspect that he learned the hard way, and is paying a heavy and painful price for being rather selfish. I do wish that she would of given him one more chance
For those us who are married, their some valuable lessons to be learned from this letter.
Oct 28, 2010 tophat commented on Savage Love.
277, No one deserves to be sexually assaulted, Ever!! I hope that the person that did it, goes to prison a long time. If he is a repeat offender, life in prison would be in order
Oct 27, 2010 tophat commented on Savage Love.
When I first read PTSD'a, letter it seemed rather familiar. The way it was written, reminded me of a letter the I had read a while back, here in this column. I did a bit of research, andI found the letter in the March 2008 column. I suspect that it was written by the same person. If my hunch is correct, then we have a husband who was forced to either or accept this wifes affair, or loose his marriage and family. This is a recipe for disaster, and this could explain why he can not tolerate her bad behavior. It would not of been the first time that the marriage came in second place. Dan's advice was right on, and if she really "loves" her husband/ marriage, she need to follow his advice., and put the lover on the back burner unit the she and the marriage are stable.
Like I said earlier, this is just a hunch that the same person wrote both letters, not fact
Oct 25, 2010 tophat commented on Savage Love.
Taffy, oops, I think that I goofed and mis read your posts. Sorry about that. You make great points!!