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Dec 24, 2016 pragmatition commented on Fuck The Nutcracker: Why You Should Go See Every Ballet But This One.
Until "how the grinch stole christmas" is done as ballet, the market says there's no competition. I bet people would welcome some alternatives!
Dec 13, 2016 pragmatition commented on Why You Should Give a Shit That a Neighborhood Group Just Won a Fight Against Backyard Cottages.
I live on Queen Anne but and was against this ordinance. I also have an accessory unit which is rented out below market rate. I totally support means to encourage more affordable housing.

My overwhelming concern was the owner occupancy clause. Six months is nothing. It would be very easy for a developer to contract with an existing owner to build a DADU and wait 6 months before taking ownership of the property.
Mar 15, 2016 pragmatition commented on City Council Votes to Rescue Pronto, Seattle's Bike-Share Service.
#20: It's not so easy to compare to vouchers for cheap bikes. First, giving essentially free bikes to people becomes an entitlement and doesn't imply they would be ridden. But also, for a bike to be useful it needs to be in a place where you need it. Many people don't want to ride their bike and lock it up in a garage or on the sidewalk all day. Nor do they want to take it on a bus. The bike share is intended to make bikes available for short trips in places where people need them - spontaneously. Finally, a $200 bike won't hold up very well. If these 7000 people really used their $200 bikes, they would probably end up costing a lot more in maintenance than a somewhat more expensive bike needing less maintenance.
Aug 12, 2015 pragmatition commented on What Bernie Sanders Said (and Didn't Say) After the Black Lives Matter Interruption.
How would BLM like it if their rally was hijacked by some other organization? This type of action gains nothing but disrespect. I totally support giving blacks fair and equal treatment. I cannot support BLM ever.
Jul 29, 2015 pragmatition commented on Mayor Murray Loses Spine, Comes Out Against His Own Committee's Recommendation for Increased Density.
@1 - I think you will be able to build your DADU. As stated in the end of the article, that part is probably still moving forward. As for the rest of HALA's plan? Too much. We already have zoning to allow for a hugh number of apartments. By add ADUs to existing single familiy we allow for a very good compromise - more density but still the feel of single family.

I believe the plan had called for allowing non residents to create DADUs, effectively making each SF lot a high priced real estate development. That's not what we need. Also it called for more triplexes and so on in SF areas. Possibly 8 story buildings.

Maybe some time we will need (or want) that kind of density. But let's get there more slowly.
Apr 29, 2015 pragmatition commented on What Living Next to a Condo Construction Site Taught Me About Seattle's Noise Ordinances.
Legitimate complaint, poorly written article. The article needed to focus on DPD enforcement of its noise ordinance. Did the builder comply? If not, what did DPD do? Was DPD responsive to the complaint(s)?
Mar 30, 2015 pragmatition commented on Ivar’s Salmon House Is Going Tipless.
It is great to see Ivar's trying the no-tip experiment. It seems to work great in Europe, where seldom do I see a place that accepts tips. I'm glad to see it here as I think the tipping process is unfair and has too many expectations.

For example, when a restaurant is super busy and the wait staff and kitchen are busting their asses, the service might be lousy because the management didn't put enough people on the shift. Should you tip less?

Or, it's slack time and you're getting perfect service but the waiter is hardly working. Do you tip more?

And how do you compensate the kitchen staff, anyway?
Feb 18, 2015 pragmatition commented on The Viaduct Is Still Sinking—A Full-On Stranger Panic Attack.
I remember reading press in 1989, after the earthquake that tumbled I880, that our viaduct was safe and didn't have the lack-of-rebar problems of I880. Ha. The sooner the tunnel is completed, the better. The tunnel might not have been the best solution, but let's get the damned thing done!
Sep 18, 2014 pragmatition commented on The Dirty Secret of Electric Cars.
I wonder where Ansel gets his figures. Worst case - where 100% of electricity is produced from coal - would put the Tesla S about 2 times the Prius C. Of course, we're talking only about CO2 here, not methane or various noxious compounds produced when refining gasoline.

Anyway, for PSE, which may get 20% of its power from coal, the Tesla stands solidly ahead, at 1/2 the CO2 of the Prius!

Here are my figures:

According to the EIA, electricity production from coal produces about 2.1 pounds CO2 per kwh. By the way, I'm pretty certain this figure does not include the CO2 produced by mining and shipping the coal. So we need to keep that in mind when comparing to gasoline.…

The Tesla S gets 100 miles per 38 kwh, according to…

which is 2.6 miles per kwh, that would be .8 pounds CO2 per mile. Add about 10% for electricity line losses and charger losses and you get about .9 pounds CO2 per mile. That's for electricity generated 100% from coal.

Now, the Prius C, for comparison,
According to this .gov site,…

The Prius C averages about 50mpg. And the EIA, at…

tells us that using 1 gal of gas produces about 20 pounds of CO2. In addition, refining oil creates about 100 pounds of CO2 per barrel, or about 3 pounds per gal.…

So, per mile, the Prius C produces about .45 pounds of CO2. Again, this figure does not include pumping oil or transporting.
Sep 17, 2014 pragmatition commented on Murray Will Consider Veto of Council's Push to Drive Up Cost of Affordable Apartments.
There's another way developers can put in high density housing.

Current code allows up to 8 unrelated members per dwelling. So, apartment buildings can be constructed with 4+ bedroom units and, voila, high density micro housing pretty much anywhere multifamily dwellings are allowed.

Plus, depending on location, such units might be desirable for families who need more than two bedrooms.