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There's a very obvious reason why gay cuckoldry might appear to be less common, and why jealousy often seems to work differently for homosexual couples than it does for het couples, so obvious that I'm surprised Dan hasn't mentioned it (maybe it's homo-normativity):

When someone in an actual straight couple has sex with a third, the uninvolved partner is extremely unlikely to want to have sex with their rival, who they see only as competition. With gay or lesbian couples (or couples where there's a bisexual dynamic), any feelings of competition or betrayal may be complicated or even over-ridden by attraction for the rival. It need not have anything whatsoever to do with babies; the story Dan tells about his reaction to being cheated on is much less common for straight couples, simply because they're not gay.

The unusual thing about gay cuckolds is not that they're turned on by their partner having sex with someone else, it's that they don't want to have sex with the guest star themselves.
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Bad advice from Dan on the roommate thing (in the podcast). You don't shit where you eat, and you don't fuck around where you sleep. Part of managing sustainable open relationships is being smart about identifying good (low drama potential) playmate candidates. A roommate who's *already* worried he'll develop romantic feelings if they have sex is not a good risk.
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There's a crucial difference between Sugar's situation and WGHA's that Dan completely missed in his haste to jump on his predictable "infidelity is no big deal" hobby horse: in Sugar's case her boyfriend abjectly apologized; the LW's inconsiderate POS boyfriend "goes back and forth between taking responsibility and not thinking it's a big deal" and doesn't seem to "realize exactly what he did wrong". Forgiving someone for an infidelity is one thing, but first they have to demonstrate genuine remorse, and this drunken jackass is a child who's just upset that he got caught and doesn't understand why open relationships need dumb rules anyway. He doesn't sound at all ready for an honest relationship.

WGHA also says "I don't think it would be difficult to find someone who didn't do this." Maybe in Dan's world it is, but it shouldn't be, but at the very least she deserves a boyfriend who takes their relationship and her feelings seriously. And isn't an alcoholic.

Fichu nails it @8 and @9. Can we have her take over the column?
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As for lying about Clinton lying, there's no need for that. We have the Inspector General's report and to demonstrate it for us:…
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@64: The Authorization gave Bush "specific statutory authorization" (as required by the War Powers Resolution) to "use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate" to defend the US against Iraq or to enforce UN resolutions against Iraq. There were no restrictions placed on him except for the standard restrictions required by the WPR, namely that he make regular reports to Congress. Clinton voted against the Levin amendment, which would have authorized Bush to use force only if Iraq defied subsequent UN demands regarding the inspections process (inspections that in fact began and were still ongoing when the invasion began). She chose instead to support the Republican version of the bill, which had no such stipulation and allowed him to invade at will. That's as close as anyone's gotten to a "blank check" since the last Congressional declaration of war in 1942.

I'm not ignoring her attempt to have it both ways at the time, that's entirely in keeping with her character. She also said she voted for the AUMF "with conviction" and stated as late as 2007 that she did not consider her vote a mistake. Once the invasion had begun she voted for a resolution expressing "unequivocal support" for the President's "decisive action". That's not the least bit indicative of someone who was expecting the AUMF to be used only after diplomatic options were exhausted. Where was her outrage at being betrayed? There was none, because the whole thing was a charade and anyone honest knows it.

Finally, if you don't think the American invasion of Iraq constitutes a war crime, then you are a very Good German indeed. Kofi Annan (who knows a fair bit more about this than you do) has plainly said that the war was illegal. It was a clear violation of the UN charter.…
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@59, 61: She voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq after Saddam Hussein had already agreed to allow inspectors to return, in defiance of the UN's refusal to approve an invasion, and in direct violation of the UN charter. That's a fact. She also defended that decision until well after it helped cost her the 2008 nomination. That is also a fact. And her begrudgingly-admitted "mistake" helped lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Once more, a fact. None of those are things to be proud of. She either made a calculated political decision that supported a war crime, or she believed Bush, in which case she's too stupid to be President. I don't personally believe she's that stupid.

@62: You might need a little remedial education on the subject of the electoral college. People who do not live in swing states do not have to choose between a war criminal and a wannabe war criminal (because their votes are pretty meaningless).
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Tiresome scolding is such an effective campaign strategy.
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@28: He's too busy writing stupid shit about politics to pay attention to his real job.
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@43: Not an exact equivalence, but not far off. Perhaps a better example would be to borrow from an explanation popular with bisexuals and ask how a red-headed woman should respond to a brother-in-law who said he missed fucking redheads.
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@38: Ah, right. Thanks for the sanity check. Yeah, whatever happened to that Dan?

@41: Yup. Gender swaps have other uses. I don't think the answer would be "haha, yeah I bet. So, uh, how about them Sounders?"