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Aug 12, 2013 DerekWilliams commented on Russia Confirms Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced at Olympics.
If an openly gay athlete wins a medal and any children see this, then that is "homosexual propaganda to children", therefore the Russian police will arrest the athlete and escort him/her off the victory dais for imprisonment, fining and deportation in disgrace.

This is not acceptable. The IOC must move the Olympics to a different country where homosexuality is not a crime.
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Mar 31, 2012 DerekWilliams commented on A Starbucks Boycott Backfires.
Odd that shareholders at a shareholders meeting would seek to diminish the value of their shares by boycotting the company they have those shares in, and seeking to bring down said company.

Seems like self-defeating behaviour to me.
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Oct 26, 2010 DerekWilliams commented on Driving Billy Lucas to Suicide Wasn't Enough.
The kids who bullied Seth Walsh told him they wanted him to die, and now they got what they wanted. I've read they did high fives and said "about time" when the news broke. Now that they are all absolutely satisfied with the success of their enterprise thus far, they will now be emboldened to try it again on other gay kids, or straight kids who seem gay to them in some way.

Incitement to kill is a crime, but is this a crime to incite murder if the murder you wish to take place is of someone else by themself? As a priority, measures should be being taken to find out how many other gay kids these children told to kill themselves. If incitement to suicide is a crime, then without question, those responsible should be charged with the offence.

A lot of people posting on hate sites like YouTube are saying that all gay people should kill themselves and this no doubt impacts on gay teenagers using YouTube and other bully sites.

It is reassuring to note however that while YouTube and its ilk are swamped by hate and violence, the thumbs ups and thumbs downs indicate that the majority are not in support of all gay teens taking their own lives as you might otherwise believe from reading the reams of anti-homosexual rhetoric, most of it coming from self-proclaimed Christians.

While I am sure that Christians as a rule deplore bullying, violence and suicide, sadly the message given out at some of the more evangelical sects run by profiteering hucksters is at the very root cause of holier-than-thou grandstanding ultimately leading to youth gangs feeling justified in attacking defenceless kids half their size.

Gay kids can only take so much before they come to the conclusion that they have no future, if all it holds for them is universal hate and violence from their home, their peers, their school and their church. To such children, death is a merciful release.

May they rest in peace.