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Aug 19 lone locust commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
This kind of political art isn't exactly something new...
Aug 17 lone locust commented on "The Victorians" From Port Townsend Refused Entry From B.C.'s Butchart Gardens For Being Themselves.
@14 I noted this as well. It wasn't on their website previous to the news stories starting. In a downloadable "Garden Etiquette" form (produced before this) costumes are mentioned, but nothing about "Period Dress". I wonder how the gardens would respond to members of any number of Anabaptist sects....
Jul 22 lone locust commented on I, Anonymous.
@7 I don't really see the point in engaging bigots, but here goes. Drug use and homelessness can be linked, yes, but it's very much a chicken and egg question, while there are those who become homeless as a result of drug use, there are more who turn to drug use out of despair related to homelessness. This is why housing first works. Your comments show both a lack of compassion as well as ignorance.
Jun 25 lone locust commented on Queer Issue: The Risks for Gamers Who Don't Fit Neatly into Gendered Boxes.
Great food for thought article. I was also an unapologetic tomboy and nerd until high school, when I did finally embrace more femininity, but mostly through Vampire the Gathering. Recently in the storm of resurgent feminism (which I do agree with for the most part) I've come to realize how much my time as "one of the guys" has colored my outlook to what many women experience as harassment (ie, when I'm walking down the street and a guy asks for a smile, I've never experienced that as harassment, I just always flash a grin and a thumbs up and go about my day). It's been a contemplative time recently.
May 24 lone locust commented on The Bachelorette Premieres Tonight. Sorry..
May 12 lone locust commented on Slow Business and New EPA Standards Push Art Glass Manufacturers Out of Business.
I forwarded this to my awesome MIL who's a glass artist and has absolutely been affected already by the closures in Oregon, hopefully she can chat with you
Mar 29 lone locust commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
For everyone complaining that the caucus excludes those who work on weekends: "However, those who are unable to attend due to religious observance, military service, disability, illness or work schedule may submit a“surrogate affidavit” form prior to the Precinct Caucus." You mail it in and get counted...
Mar 24 lone locust commented on Ask Us Anything About Our Caucus Endorsement(s).
Re: The answer. I guess this is my commentary, when I saw the age links, my first thought was, I bet they send all the 30+ to Hillary...and sure enough. Why not use a random number generator to send folks to either of the pages? As a person in my 30s I know why I'm supposed to like Hillary (all the reasons in your endorsement frankly), so all I was seeing was the echo chamber of those familiar arguments. It seems like getting a random answer (and being able to play again, once it had my IP it always diverts to Hillary) might actually be more effective at getting folks to look at both sides.
Mar 24 lone locust commented on Ask Us Anything About Our Caucus Endorsement(s).
Why the age-ist endorsement widget on the website? I'm in my 30's and was "lucky" enough to finish graduate school, student loan laden of course, just as the economy tanked. With a degree in one of those fancy STEM fields that was supposed to guarantee me a perfect life instead of an endless series of contract positions and no job security... In other words, my age actually has very little to do with my selection
Mar 16 lone locust commented on The New UW Light Rail Station May Be Beautiful, But Is It Practical?.
Um yeah, have you tried to board a 70-74 from the University to downtown, or downtown to the UW lately? It can be nearly impossible depending on the station/time. Also, a lot of students already walk that far or further just to get between classes (try getting from Oceanography to Denny hall in 10 minutes, or from Terry/Lander to the IMA..) A 10-15min walk for a 9 min ride downtown (way faster than the 70-74 (if you can even board one)) doesn't really seem like something to whine about