Jul 6, 2016 tempo36 commented on Two of Just Want Privacy's Top Funders Paid More Than $60,000 to Cut Down Their Neighbor's Trees and Improve Their View.
@2 I think the point is that he made his argument with the whole Love Thy Neighbor shtick. But he isn't really willing to extend that same Jesus-like grace to trans-individuals.
Jun 26, 2016 tempo36 commented on I, Anonymous.
Nothing in this Anon indicates he was sexually harassing her besides taking her picture. The masturbation comment came after she initiated the confrontation and I don't think would carry any weight if she then accused him of harassment.
Jun 24, 2016 tempo36 commented on Watch Out for I-1515 Signature Gatherers.
Ah yes. The system is broken so I refuse to participate. I am also angry that things happen which I don't support and can't understand why things happen when I don't participate. I also am confused when people propose less than perfect changes to the system. I want all or nothing.

Enjoy staying home this November and seething with righteous indignation.
Jun 22, 2016 tempo36 commented on I, Anonymous.
Ps. It is exceedingly poor taste to not respect a subject's request to delete a photo. He should have deleted it. But your excessive use of "fucks" makes me think you weren't exactly being polite either.

You deserved the admonition about not needing your permission.
Jun 22, 2016 tempo36 commented on I, Anonymous.
Sorry. He does have the right to take your photo. Unless he is going to use it in a commercial work. He can even sell it as part of artistic work though there are good reasons to have a model release in those circumstances if the subject is readily recognizable.

But as a general rule, as others said...no one has to ask your permission to take your photo in public. God can you imagine how hard it would be to take pictures of anything if that were the case?!?
Jun 19, 2016 tempo36 commented on Bernie Sanders Is Still Running for President.
If Trump doesn't scare you...wow, I don't even know what to say. Sure, I guess he seems like a stand up guy that'll do a great job. If you think he'll be the wake up call to start a real political revolution...well I'm sure he's not the sort that would actually try and call out the military to put down "an unjust political revolution" here in the US.
Jul 17, 2015 tempo36 commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
Or, ya know, you could look at actual data that shows that ethyl and methyl mercury DO get absorbed and excreted differently. Turns out that extra CH2 actually does make a difference.


The study didn't even say that ethyl mercury is safer or not (but I'm posting it anyway...because it's science which isn't always cut and dry). But your ridiculous implication that one chemical is somehow equal to another just because you want them to be is absurd. Course we are also not mentioning that thimerosal isn't even in childhood vaccines (except flu) anymore. Nor that it's been proven safe time and time again...
Jul 14, 2015 tempo36 commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
Dirt. While you are kind of amusing with your vague comments about how people are blowing this out of proportion while not really offering data of your own, you utterly list credibility with "the methyl and ethyl is simple molecular nomenclature [sic]"

Anyone with basic chemistry knowledge would never suggest that a tiny change like a carbon group makes no difference. It's the difference between isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, and methanol. It makes an entirely different substance!

Just because ethyl and methyl mercury share a Hg atom doesn't mean you can in any remote way make claims of toxicity of one based on the other. You can swear and insult folks as much as you like, but you're just trying to smokescreen your own opinion and lack of facts with rhetoric.
Jul 10, 2015 tempo36 commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.

I chose small simple numbers to make a basic point but intentionally left out the more complicated points of transmission rates, vaccine failure rates, incidence, etc. But as you noted, the point stands that the risk of vaccines is lower.

No data set has ever shown the risk you're claiming. Whether it's <5 year Olds or teenagers or anything else. There are real medical reasons why folks shouldn't be vaccinated, but they're almost never the reasons why you people "think" they are.
Jul 9, 2015 tempo36 commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
Depending on access to health care, the mortality of measles may actually be less than 1:1000....but did you really just imply that 1:1000 death rate for any preventable is a GOOD thing? If 1:1000 children just up and died over the next month in the US that would be ~75,000 dead children. Simple statistics would tell us that the risk of death or morbidity from the vaccine is far less than 1:1000. Even if there are risks to vaccines, which statistics tell us there are not...at least not the kinds of risks anti-vax folks wail over, the reward versus risk is vastly tipped in vaccines' favor.

Let's put that 1:1000 number in a different light. If a person had a 1:1000 chance of dying every day, 1:100 people would be dead before their 28th birthday, 2:100 by their 55th birthday.

Your implication that 1:1000 is acceptable, when there is a far safer alternative, is obtuse. What you're implying, without saying it out loud, is that you believe there is in fact a definitive risk with this vaccination that is higher than 1:1000. Otherwise there is no reason why you would choose a higher risk for you or your child instead of the lower risk from the vaccine. If I offer you a 1:1000 chance of dying tomorrow versus a 1:10000 chance is there any compelling reason to pick the higher risk unless you have some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory behind your decision making?

Research time and time again has shown that all the fears about vaccine administration are unfounded. But if you still think that there are risks with vaccines that are worse than the diseases they help prevent, there's no convincing you at this point. Sadly, the research so far has also proven that point...no intervention has yet been discovered to convince folks like you that vaccines make utter and complete sense.