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Oct 20, 2015 The Shadow Blows commented on I, Anonymous.
Count this as a close call and thank your lucky stars they didn't hire you; clearly this organization has unrealistic expectations and doesn't really understand the nature of the job they are offering. Nobody should be passionate about data entry, and anyone who would expect real excitement at the prospect of a mediocre dime-a-dozen job clearly has no respect for their employees and would have been hell to work for.

Now, conversely, maybe Mr. job recruiter guy above is right and that a person really does have to play act to get a shitty data entry job. Well, they will fill their staff with great play actors who do a great job acting excited about whatever corporate bullshit the company is pushing that day…and will probably do a great job hiring wonderful actors, who may or may not be worth a damn in the actual job. If you set up a system designed to select liars, you will build an organization made up entirely of enthusiastic liars, thieves and cheats. @1, I hope your new hires rob you blind, you dimwitted corporate fucktard.
Aug 20, 2015 The Shadow Blows commented on Rand Paul Is Coming to Seattle Next Week at 8:30 a.m..
Ask him what he would replace birthright citizenship with, what would the new criteria for citizenship be in his fantasy world?
Mar 10, 2015 The Shadow Blows commented on Rachel Lark Performs a Special Show in Seattle on Friday.
I'm a bit concerned by this Friday things, as the tickets I bought were for Monday. Whose wrong the stranger or the ticket company?
Sep 6, 2013 The Shadow Blows commented on What is the Best Name for a Roky Erickson Cover Band?.
I was going to say Two Headed Dogs also, but that's been covered. How about 12th Floor Escalators?
Jun 21, 2013 The Shadow Blows commented on A Few Words on Our Use of "F" and "Sh".
One of the greatest, and gravest, responsibilities a parent has is to teach their children to swear properly, and to understand, enjoy, and maintain the great tradition of profanity which forms the true bedrock of the english language. All too often our civic leaders and major media institutions duck their responsibilities in this department, leaving our youthy...and ultimately, our whole citizenry, bereft of the ability to express their most important, and passionately held, thoughts and feelings in the most appropraite and communicative way possible. Besides which, who can even notice the fucking profanity in the Stranger for all the obscene artwork and purile opinion generated by the sophmoric dipshits on the Stranger's staff. What kind of a moron objects to shitty language typed between graphic advertizements for horse-themed sextoys and whatnot. Jesus fucking Christ people. What would Tony Soprano do?
Jan 14, 2013 The Shadow Blows commented on Republicans Officially Seize Control of Partisan State Senate.
So what is the procedure for filing recall election petitions against Tom and Sheldon ? Even if these are unsuccessful, it will create stress and distraction for both of them.
Dec 18, 2012 The Shadow Blows commented on What I Would Do About Guns.
Well, and what about requiring the purchase of liability insurance for each firearm? It seems to me that this would be a fair, equitable and productive strategy that imposes a financial cost on gun owners proportionate to the number/danger of their arsenals. The inevitable payments could be split between victems and affected municipalities, and it outsources a lot of the necessary bureaucratic hassles to those effective parasites in the insurance business.
Dec 14, 2012 The Shadow Blows commented on Time to March?.
A march is a great idea, but I think instead of the usual government offices there should be nationwide marches on all of the local NRA chapters, or perhaps the homes of prominent local Republican politicians and loudmouths.
Dec 14, 2012 The Shadow Blows commented on Washington Ceasefire Director on What Can Be Done, Right Now, to Improve Gun Control Laws in This State.
So maybe someone like Washington Ceasefire & Such groups could put out a call for nationwide marches on local NRA headquarters... imagine hundreds of people chanting outside of every NRA office "murder...murder...murder..." and holding up pictures of of slain children.
Nov 12, 2012 The Shadow Blows commented on Morrissey and Me.
The Smiths were great, but I had a very hard time warming up to Morrissey. As a straight kid in moderately redneck Colorado I had a number of friends who adored him, but I could never understand or warm up to him. This combined with my mid 80's teen redneck state homophobia made me a bit of a dick about the whole thing (did liking the Smiths means I was a fag? or way worse...that I would NEVER get laid?)
And he did have a propensity to act like such a pompous ass in public... but my Smiths friends were so much cooler than me. And sophisticated. And nice. And accepting. and those guitar lines...Johnny Marr was (and continues to be) amazing...and Meat Is Murder perfectly overlapped my discovered of marijuana. Wow. How soon was now? Maybe I was a faggot after all, and maybe that was okay, I didn't know... and there were girls. Mopey cute girls...and it was so much easier to relax with the black clothing semi-gothy Smiths/Cure people than the very stressful macho overdrive punk people or macho redneck metal people. Oh it was amazing to feel the energy of the punky and metal was so cathartic, but everyone was so much tougher and butcher and altogether dude-er than I was, who could relax with those people? was one fucked up misfired adventure after another with frightening and intimidating people and consequences constantly. The Smiths were melodic and wonderful and those guitars just went on and on and I never had to put up with being 'faced' or out macho-ed.