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Oct 6, 2015 ahopstad commented on Offensive to Whom? What the Cuntz, Child Abuse, and Christeene Controversies Say About Seattle.
Marcus Wilson and many in the punk scene, whether gay or straight, have issues with inclusivity of women and people of color. Good conversation but they are not the ones to determine whether something is offensive or harmful to a community they know absolutely nothing of.
Sep 18, 2015 ahopstad commented on Take the Seattle Public Library Survey About Their New Logo and "Brand Statement".
The logos are pretty terrible imo, and also seem like a weird way to tie together the Sculpture Park or a Chihuly piece to the Library which is like, super annoying cuz like get that shit out of my face when I'm at the Library. For every single one I was like "THIS SEEMS VERY UNRELATED TO THE LIBRARY."
Feb 5, 2013 ahopstad commented on Sasquatch! 2013: The Line-Up.
It's kind of fucked that they are only offering minimum 4 day + camping pass so you can't spend less than $350. But whatevs the condo rockers will be stoked.
Oct 10, 2011 ahopstad commented on Your Name is Andrew, You Live in Kent, You Work at Microsoft, You Were in a Frat, and On Friday Night You Stiffed a Popular Capitol Hill Bartender.
Soo...I know that people in Seattle like to act all high and mighty and like standing up for yourself is a disgrace (don't fight! just make an "annoyed" face, sigh loudly and shrink away from scary things!), and I also regret that some random dude was accidentally called out because he had the same name (ummm this is the 21st century and the Internet is involved, roll with the punches people)...but I think it's totally valid for someone to make an example out of the fact that being an awful, fucked up, terrible person to someone in the service industry should not be tolerated. That's it.
Nov 10, 2010 ahopstad joined My Stranger Face
Nov 10, 2010 ahopstad joined My Stranger Face
Nov 10, 2010 ahopstad commented on No Style Seattle.
These are all pretty standard responses to something like this. I feel strongly about Seattle and defend it often, but one thing I find extraordinarily frustrating is the complete lack of respect people here have for fashion. Not only are people full of contempt and misunderstanding about the industry, there's no chance for any kind of community to grow because of the attitude towards it. There are tons of things that go into this, but I think the emphasis on intellectualism is a huge one. I would also throw in lack of support from local media, and a lack of leadership in the community. Blaming it on things like the weathis total bullshit. The fashion industry is complicated and far from perfect, and I personally wish there was more emphasis on looking at the industry from an intelligent, complex way here...examples of this kind of community can be seen in Portland and San Francisco. We have a good base here and definitely not a lack of talent or creativity (I.e. Casual Industries, Actual Pain, Nordstrom, Filson, the Ballard community) but it's never quite come together. We need to move away from viewing Seattle fashion as either frumpy holly-hobby outdoor gear/khakis or bedazzled Panache/Belltown "chic" (cap hill gays I'm looking at you, gays always have an influence in things like this because they think they are fashionable, even if they are not. Broadway is a sick sight with meager offerings of stripper heels and Red Light polyester).