Achieve the Four Modernizations.

May 29 mge commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
@60 The exact question was "Which of these changes would you recommend be made in your community to make it easier for you to bicycle more?" I know this because the exact questions, all of them, are included in the very study you linked to. But why would you bother with reading or facts when you can make sweeping declarations you're all too sure about just going by what feels truthy in your gut, right?
May 29 mge commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
@49 Feel free to point to any part of the report you posted that supports your conclusion that "bikes hate cars and cars hate bikes." Or was your point that facts don't matter unless you agree with them?

I never said there's "only one" solution. But it is clear that most of us who drive are in favor of improving bicycle infrastructure. I want it for the safety and convenience of my many friends and neighbors who cycle. Since I work and live within about a mile of Westlake, I'd like it to be there for myself to use as well. You are angry and entitled, and you're behaving selfishly and rudely over what, some parking spaces? I think this just comes down to your hatred of bikes, which are here to stay. Feel free to move to somewhere you won't be bothered by so many people who make different choices than you.
May 29 mge commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
@43 The study I cited, which you deemed bullshit, was based on a telephone survey of 400 people in 2013. The survey you found, which I presume you don't think is bullshit since you went to the trouble of finding and posting it, was based on... a telephone survey of 400 people in 2007. Page 20 of your study says that over 2/3 of people are in favor of using tax money to improve bicycle conditions. On page 17 you'll note that 76% of people who are not cyclists are in favor of more bicycling facilities in their community.

So no, it's still not true that "cars hate bikes and bikes hate cars." You hate bikes. You have anger issues and you're projecting. You along with your vocal minority of angry people. That's what it comes down to. You hate bikes, and you don't want your free parking to go away. You have no actual data to support your conclusion that taking away some parking spots will harm business, so you resort to anecdotes and name calling. I'm still waiting to hear one argument from you that's actually based in reason and not animus.

You want to talk about a bullshit number, I'd ask to see your source on that "8% of Seattle's B&O" number but somebody else beat me to it way back @7.
May 28 mge commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
@38 Total number of people called and report methodology are on the first fucking page genius. I'll wait patiently for you to come up with some actual data though.

Again, why are you entitled to park for free? I pay all those taxes too. I park on city property. Why am I not also entitled to park for free?
May 28 mge commented on Cycle Track Showdown.
@34 You're the one that's being selfish and entitled. You're complaining about cyclists getting a "free ride" out one side of your mouth while you whine about the perceived threat to your free parking out the other. Why do you think that your arrogant ass is entitled to park for free on city property?

People who want more and better cycling infrastructure aren't some tiny minority like you seem to think. We're the majority. Not all of us are cyclists. Most of us are drivers, too. Here's some actual data (PDF) about voter attitudes on bicycling to counter your anecdotes.

No matter how loudly you cry, you're in the minority. If you don't like it you're free to leave at any time.
Feb 26 mge commented on Not Everybody Has a Smartphone and a Credit Card!.
@35 seems like a stretch to me, but I'm not a lawyer so you could certainly be right. Even if so, seems like if a cab company didn't want to accept cash all they would have to do is make that policy clear before accepting a fare, or require (as Uber does,) a credit card up front. Of course, the opposite is true--most cab drivers prefer cash in my experience. The example @32 is referring to is a hospital. That's what I was replying to at any rate.
Feb 26 mge commented on Not Everybody Has a Smartphone and a Credit Card!.
@32 Not true. So says the Federal Reserve: "Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether to accept cash unless there is a state law which says otherwise."…
Sep 27, 2013 mge commented on Jazz and Dance Audiences Are Up (a Little), Theater Audiences Are Down (a Lot).
@7 this is not to disagree with your point per se, but where could you possibly be seeing theater in Seattle where the "average ticket" is easily $100 for a good seat? Are you seeing exclusively touring Broadway shows at the Paramount? (If so, you might consider broadening your horizons.) As far as I know, the best seats at ACT and the Rep max out at well under $100. You could have an excellent seat to "Middletown" tonight at ACT for $52.50 + fees. At the 5th Avenue you could go see "Secondhand Lions" tonight and sit on the main floor three rows from the stage for $39. And that's just day of show. If you are on the email lists for the companies you like and plan ahead of time you can routinely get discounts. Even the opera, the ballet, and the symphony you can find reasonable tickets with a marginal amount of planning and flexibility. And that's to say nothing of all the great small companies in Seattle (WET, Balagan, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, et al) where you can usually see innovative shows for even less, or On the Boards, which brings in internationally and regionally touring shows and typically charges not more than $25 for a general admission ticket.

Could tickets be more accessible? Sure. But a $100 average price for a theater seat just doesn't ring true to my experience of the arts in this city.
Jul 31, 2013 mge commented on The Forbidden Review.
@12 Intiman isn't a new play festival, so your comparisons don't really hold water. Even if it were, you're being ridiculous. This review was entirely fair and very up front about the fact that it's a work in process. Perhaps more so than the one in the Seattle Times, which has a much wider circulation beyond the arts community, (and is, by the way, quoted on Intiman's homepage.) Where's your angry comment on that one?

I have much more respect and patience for somebody like Brendan than for thin-skinned and pretentious "New Play Professionals" who think the artist's process is so precious and fragile that it must be protected from any inkling of a negative opinion. Having worked in the arts for years I'll gladly listen to him over you any day.
May 10, 2013 mge commented on Hansen Ups Offer for Sacramento Kings. Again..
Also @25, re. "take a fucking economics class:"

"empirical evidence suggests quite strongly that sports do not create many jobs or generate much economic growth. And such evidence has proven to be quite persuasive. In fact, a survey of economists by Gregory Mankiw noted that 85% of economists agree that local and state governments should not subsidize professional sports." (source)


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