Nov 7, 2012 cameo commented on Time to Get Real, Jay Inslee.
There should be new revenue coming in from the tax on marijuana. Washington's financial picture could also benefit from going forward with public banking, (ie., the Bank of North Dakota)creating a state bank that could invest in our community. And we've got to watch these charter schools (if it passes) like hawks to keep them from siphoning off funds that rightfully belong to the public schools.
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Nov 11, 2010 cameo commented on The State of Our School District.
"No, these are my staff, they are my communications people in case I need them," she replied curtly.

She walks around with her posse of staff and communications people, and yet none of them can answer a legitimate question.

I wish people would start putting the blame on the bloated administration, the high paid executives, communication people, staff, coaches, etc. and the expensive tests and data monitoring systems, for the high cost of public education, and quit laying the blame on the teachers. Teachers are being cut, classes are getting larger, classroom support is being cut.... and MGJ gets raises and bonuses...... and people go on putting the blame on teachers.