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Feb 7 TimesTwo commented on Conservatives Send Death Threats to Five Year Old Girl Because They Believe in Family Values.
This is terrible, but here's a fun aside: AfterEllen (the lesbians / bi women media site) did a story on this and the one million moms (all six of 'em) found the story and made nasty comments. So the comments section turned into a bit of a fight between the lesbians and the moms. Kind of funny.
Jan 17 TimesTwo commented on Gun Nuts, Illiinois Style.
Deny, deny, deny
Jan 14 TimesTwo commented on Ohio Catholic School Teacher Fired Because He Got Engaged to a Man.
@8 - Religious organizations have an exemption, even from federally protected classes. A private business cannot discriminate by race, for example, but churches can. It's why churches can decide not to marry two people of different races, if they choose, or of different religions (which is much more common). It's also why churches will never be forced to marry to partners of the same sex, even if gay marriage was legal nationwide.
Aug 29, 2013 TimesTwo commented on IRS to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage for Tax Purposes, Regardless of Where the Legally Wed Same-Sex Couple Resides.
Honestly, I did NOT see it coming. There was some decision recently that hung on place of residence rather than celebration, and I assumed that federal tax benefits would fall the same way. But this is great! It's like I just got a $3,000 raise! I'm THRILLED to know that I'll be getting that back. My partner and I have young kids (kids are expensive!) so this is great news for us!
May 28, 2013 TimesTwo commented on NFL's Adrian Peterson Comes Out.
The Onion, as usual, does it best:

Adrian Peterson's Boyfriend Can Take a H…
Mar 19, 2013 TimesTwo commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Butt Plugs.
And while you're at it, SAP, why not an IUD or something? If you're only using condoms for birth control when you think she's fertile (and it sounds like that's the only form of birth control you're using), why not be extra cautious?

[this has nothing to do w/ the butt plug, obviously; I'm stuck on the birth control only part of the time thing]
Mar 13, 2013 TimesTwo commented on A Note from the Editor About the March 13, 2013, Issue.
This picture is hysterical. Is anyone going to put that poor woman out of her misery and her back to Vegas already?
Nov 6, 2012 TimesTwo commented on I'm Going to Miss Her Most of All.
@6 got it, thanks. I assumed it was a campaign ad you guys were seeing, but was totally confused.
Nov 6, 2012 TimesTwo commented on I'm Going to Miss Her Most of All.
I'm guessing people in Seattle know what he's talking about? Fill me in.

Your East Coast Friend
Nov 2, 2012 TimesTwo commented on "In the state of Delaware, restroom couples sent their children to school on buses.".
The ghost of Bob Ross - nicely done, guys :)

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