Feb 3 fad commented on Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?.
It's also incredibly disappointing and frustrating when I'm browsing for music and am hoping to hear womxn artists, but end up digging through a bunch of sad white dudes who either use one of these names or have pictures of random womxn on their covers! Stop it, its sad and annoying, and makes me like your band even less.
Nov 15, 2016 fad commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
Trump did not ride some giant wave of new Republicans, he got almost exactly the same number of votes as Romney and McCain. Clinton list this election, and lost badly - the Republicans now control the congressional & executive branches, and likely soon the judicial. The Democratic Party f'd us by giving us the wrong candidate and ignoring the voters that they needed - they are out of touch with the electorate, and they were gave us a 20th century politician without recognizing that society has changed.
Sep 20, 2016 fad commented on I'm a Millennial Who Plans to Vote for Clinton, But Her Appeal to Millennials Is Hard to Watch.
@5 I seem to recall Obama being out in front a good bit, and it helped him get elected (even if he didn't follow through - see Guatanamo, drone strikes, transparency, lobbyist reform).

Nothing gets done in DC if you don't win your election. If she wants to improve her support with millennials, she needs to find a way to win them over - clearly the current approach is not working, she needs to do something else, and it needs to be significant.
Sep 20, 2016 fad commented on I'm a Millennial Who Plans to Vote for Clinton, But Her Appeal to Millennials Is Hard to Watch.
I have an easy solution for her: come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. That would help immensely with younger voters and help gain back some of those voters leaning libertarian. It's also the right thing to do from a social justice standpoint, and is a prime example of her still being a step behind on modern progressive issues. Doing that also wouldn't force her to come out against her lucrative Wall St. and defense donors - everybody wins (except for drug enforcement & jails).
Sep 13, 2016 fad commented on Here's a Sneak Preview of Generations, a New Community Events Space Open October 7.
Hopefully they maintain some control over their rentals - Cairo was always a good neighbor, but that party at generations a couple of weeks ago was annoyingly loud.

I get it, it was too hot to close the doors, but please don't make your neighbors hate you.
Sep 5, 2016 fad commented on Bumbershoot's Highs and Lows: From Tyler the Creator's Hectoring Raps to Reggie Watts' Buttery Soul.
Omg, you are even more of an old bitter music snob than me! You forgot to complain about cell phones and how loud the bass was though, someone might mistake you for a millennial.
Sep 2, 2016 fad commented on Jill Stein Accidentally Flies to Cincinnati Instead of Columbus to Give Speech.
To be fair, you can't spell "Cincinnati" either, and it's spelled out for you in the text you copy/pasted.
Aug 26, 2016 fad commented on Private Investigator Gets $65,000 Contract from City to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.

I would have been willing to tell them who did it for $64,500. They're just throwing out tax money down the drain.
Aug 24, 2016 fad commented on Hey Bernie Bros, "Revolution" Is Not the Best Way to Structure a Political Movement.
Your use of "Bernie Bros" shows you are still ignoring that the Bernie voter base was actually quite diverse in almost all respects - its primary demographic was people under 40. By continuing this smear you are suppressing the voices of those that are not white males. Sure, that is the loudest most obnoxious group, but that's not something unique that magically happened amongst Bernie supporters (who have the stranger's loudest, most insufferable Hillary supporters been? Hint: look at who endorsed Hillary in the primary).

That out of the way, can't say I'm shocked that the movement would struggle after the race ended. Hopefully it will be able to get its shit together and provide some much needed progressive pressure on our political system... or maybe you would rather just gloat and say "she wins!", then pat yourselves on the back, and keep on bombing brown people, get that TPP signed, melt those ice caps, frack everything, and rake in that Wall Street $$$!!!
Aug 19, 2016 fad commented on Science News: Coral Reefs Desperate for More Fish Piss, Jill Stein Exaggerates Sea Level Rise.
Amazing how much time you spend criticizing Jill Stein (a candidate with 0 chance of being elected), and how little you criticize Hillary Clinton (our likely next president, who is weak on fracking, against drug decriminalization, shows worrisome acceptance of military intervention, etc.).