1:50 PM fad commented on Private Investigator Gets $65,000 Contract from City to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.

I would have been willing to tell them who did it for $64,500. They're just throwing out tax money down the drain.
Aug 24 fad commented on Hey Bernie Bros, "Revolution" Is Not the Best Way to Structure a Political Movement.
Your use of "Bernie Bros" shows you are still ignoring that the Bernie voter base was actually quite diverse in almost all respects - its primary demographic was people under 40. By continuing this smear you are suppressing the voices of those that are not white males. Sure, that is the loudest most obnoxious group, but that's not something unique that magically happened amongst Bernie supporters (who have the stranger's loudest, most insufferable Hillary supporters been? Hint: look at who endorsed Hillary in the primary).

That out of the way, can't say I'm shocked that the movement would struggle after the race ended. Hopefully it will be able to get its shit together and provide some much needed progressive pressure on our political system... or maybe you would rather just gloat and say "she wins!", then pat yourselves on the back, and keep on bombing brown people, get that TPP signed, melt those ice caps, frack everything, and rake in that Wall Street $$$!!!
Aug 19 fad commented on Science News: Coral Reefs Desperate for More Fish Piss, Jill Stein Exaggerates Sea Level Rise.
Amazing how much time you spend criticizing Jill Stein (a candidate with 0 chance of being elected), and how little you criticize Hillary Clinton (our likely next president, who is weak on fracking, against drug decriminalization, shows worrisome acceptance of military intervention, etc.).
Aug 5 fad commented on Seattle Police Say They're Getting "Unconfirmed" Reports of People Getting Drugged at Capitol Hill Bars.
Wow, this comment thread is appalling. Trust that women know the difference between drinking too much and getting drugged, it's pretty obvious; you would know if it happened to you (but you don't have to worry about that with your male privilege). Stop making excuses for rapists you asshats.
Jul 15 fad commented on Need Anything from Cleveland? The Stranger Is Going to the RNC!.
Yay! Looking forward to some decent political reporting from The Stranger again! The guys have been really really bad lately (except for Ansel).
Jun 8 fad commented on You Have Permission to Feel Good About Politics for a Day (But Just a Day).
A whole new generation gets to be completely disillusioned with politics now, hooray! And this time they don't even have to wait for them to get elected to compromise their ideals.
May 23 fad commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
Um, where exactly did Stein say Trump and Clinton are "indistinguishable"? I her saying that both would be horrible (true), but nothing about them being indistinguishable (not true). Is it time now to start smearing the third party candidates now?
May 22 fad commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Jungle Clearing To Start Next Week, Berning Out on Sanders, and All the SIFF Coverage You Need.
Bernie is totally destroying the party by with getting thousands and thousands of young and independent voters to register as democrats. Let's just hope Clinton and her supporters can keep doing everything they can to keep insulting and marginalizing them rather than trying to entice them to stay - wouldn't want to actually win in November!
May 18 fad commented on Everyone Walks Out of the Nevada Democratic Convention a Loser.
@13 she can't get anything done if she doesn't get elected. I want her to get elected - not my first choice, but she's better than Trump. But she is not going to win if she can't find a way to appeal to Sanders supporters, young voters, and independents. Dismissing them because she wins the primary is not going to help her in the general election. "Better than Trump" is not a particularly inspirational campaign slogan though, hope she finds a way to convince more people to vote FOR her, not against Trump... don't want another Bush v Gore/Kerry.

@15 if you read to the end of the article, it's conclusion is that yes, she supports fracking. I'm going to keep that in the "untrustworthy" column as opposed to "nuanced and evolved". I don't trust "responsible fracking" any more than I do "clean coal".
May 18 fad commented on Everyone Walks Out of the Nevada Democratic Convention a Loser.
@9, there is a difference between "untrustworthy" and "truth-telling". I don't trust her to regulate Wall Street, or fracking, or to have a non-militaristic foreign policy. Not saying she is lying about any of these things.