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  • What song do you never want to hear again?: Anything that went "viral."
  • What is your sweetest taboo?: Overcoming taboos.
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: My lover's tatoos. (Just kidding.)
  • What keeps you up at night?: Christian Supremacists.
  • God is: Santa Claus for adults.

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Apr 21 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Seems to me that getting naked with a chick is the best way to work through his "sex-negative, woman-phobic zap." Surely Dan doesn't think that nobody should be allowed to have sex unless they're completely psychologically healthy?

There's clearly some sacrifice involved in having a sexual relationship with someone significantly more repressed than yourself, but should more sexually healthy people actually be discouraged from playing sex therapist if they want to?
Apr 4 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Thanks for the chuckle at 285 Chase. Gender studies classes!
Apr 4 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Marcelina ranted, If you are really stating that my arguing for the rights of exploited and degraded women means I have "hang ups about sex," you're even dumber than I thought.

You're still not getting it. The reason you see it as exploitation and degradation, and the reason you think degradation is always bad, is because you've been programmed will all sorts of negative emotions about sex. Not everyone feels the way you do. Your emotional reactions are arbitrary and subjective. You have no right to expect other people to agree with you when you state your personal tastes as if they were physical laws of the universe.
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Women who are offended by porn, not just disinterested in it, need to get over their own hang-ups rather than get all righteously angry. Stop pretending that no woman could ever enjoy doing or fantasizing about anything that offends you, and therefore all women are being victimized by the existence of porn.

And the fact that some porn actresses are treated unfairly doesn't justify demonizing those who consume the product. People are sometimes treated unfairly in every industry. Have you ever bought any clothing or consumer electronics? If so, you've certainly supported much worse injustices.
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
I'm pretty sure the term "leotard" is politically incorrect.
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
LavaGirl, you still aren't getting it. Not all women feel the way you do about sex. People are different. One of the most common fantasies of women is a rape fantasy. So even the more extreme rape fantasy porn isn't just for men. Some women are into it. When you speak out against porn, you're speaking out against many women's sexuality. Not everyone sees it as degrading, and even among the people who do, some find it exciting to fantasize about being degraded.

You might as well rail against films and books depicting crime. Ban Agatha Christie before everybody starts murdering upper class British people!

You aren't in charge of what other adults are allowed to think about!
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Oh, Marcelina, how dare you quote the great George Carlin in favor of artistic censorship! Shame, shame. This is a man who said he liked to run into feminist meetings and shout, "Hey, which one of you cute little cupcakes wants to come home and cook me a nice meal and give me a blowjob?!"

"Now I've probably got the feminists all pissed off at me because I'm joking about rape. Feminists want to control your language. Feminists want to tell you how to talk." -- George Carlin
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
So, LavaGirl, you think nobody actually enjoys anal sex? I can't imagine a worse place to make such a claim than Savage Love!

This is the mistake many of the female porn critics make. They wouldn't like what they see in porn being done to them, therefore no women can possibly like it. And since no women like it, men are being encouraged by the porn to force things on women that they don't like.
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Apr 3 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Using the "private browsing" feature is better than deleting the history. If the history is empty, your partner will know you were looking at porn and assume it was the worst type imaginable.

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