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Mar 23, 2016 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Religion is not an ancillary fact in SF's problems; it's the cause. Fundies have gay reparative therapy. Perhaps Dan should find an expert in undoing the anti-sex psychological damage caused by a religious upbringing. It seems to be a mental health epidemic that goes largely undiagnosed and untreated.
Mar 16, 2016 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
"Americans have no constitutional right to engage in consensual BDSM because 'sexual activity that involves binding and gagging or the use of physical force such as spanking or choking poses certain inherent risks to personal safety.'"

What a ridiculous, bullshit justification for religiously-based anti-sex bigotry. People engage in numerous dangerous recreational activities from snow skiing to risking dying in a car accident driving to a movie theater. It would make more sense to ban religion since it motivates people to hurt others. How many abortion clinics need to be bombed or gays beaten half to death before we ban the dangerous activity of teaching Christianity to defenseless children! Think of the children!
Mar 9, 2016 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
When THINK wrote, "I'm wondering if her previous trauma was a result of her encouraging forceful sex and regretting it later, and I worry the same thing could happen to me." I think Dan misinterpreted him. I took that to mean that he feared she would regret the rape fantasy sex, feel traumatized by it, and it would harm or end their marriage, not that she was possibly setting him up intentionally for a false rape accusation!

People twist their memories all the time. If she encouraged forceful sex and felt ashamed afterwards, if there was no safe word, if she let it go further than she wanted before using her safe word, if the relationship ended badly for other reasons, then she could easily end up thinking of it as rape after a few years. Obviously this isn't PC, but it is how the human mind works. THINK's concerns are perfectly reasonable.

The way to prevent trouble is to use a safe word and discuss boundaries explicitly beforehand. It would also be healthy to more fully discuss her traumatic experience. You're married for fuck's sake! Ask her if she was she asking for rough sex and it went too far, or the experience is what started her rape fantasy. This is what people mean when they say that communication is important in a relationship.

[Cue PC nuts screaming rapist at me in 3... 2... 1....]
Feb 10, 2016 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
SUB should file a complaint with the campus authorities so that the facts are on record in case there's further trouble and in case ze's pulled/pulls this shit with other people. The threat of outing is particularly troubling. Using threats to try to control another person's sex life is way worse than micro-aggressions or insensitive pronouns. In more serious cases, it can be helpful to have a lawyer send the nutcase a letter explaining that outing someone could open them up to a civil lawsuit if their victim suffers financial harm as a result.

People in college today are going to be nightmares politically. Imagine thinking that you're entitled to place restrictions on a stranger's sex life because it upsets you personally. Ze isn't an isolated nut; this kind of thing is common among the politically correct these days.
Nov 25, 2015 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
As a replacement for the word cocksucker, I favor pig-fucker. It's particularly effective against Muslim terrorists.
Nov 10, 2015 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Way to fight those gay stereotypes, Dan. You're doing a faaaaaa-bulous job!
Oct 28, 2015 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
I also agree with Alison's interpretation (comment 12). STATUS seems to be complaining about how the disclosure law is preventing her from getting effective therapy, not plotting to trick her husband into prison.

Perhaps Dan just wanted to let Staley rail against HIV disclosure laws. This letter was the only one he had that mentioned them, and he desperately wanted it to be an example of partners using the law to "lash out." Or perhaps he was just drunk on a plane again.
Aug 26, 2015 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
AFinch, releasing the real names of people on AM does destroy the company, but why target this company when there are so many other far more dishonest and damaging companies? Sex-negative, religious morality is obviously the underlying motivation.
Aug 26, 2015 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
Hunter78 wrote: What fucking difference does the motivation of the hackers make? We have today massive hacking by governments, Islamists, leftists, corporations, and esp criminals. Why Christian fundamentalists would be esp interested in GPS or purchase records is beyond me.

Everybody is well aware that there are people who want to steal money through hacking, and the authorities take this kind of hacking seriously. Backward moralists using hacking to enforce their unfounded beliefs about what the magical sky god wants is something new and so there's value in pointing it out.

Also, many people have the attitude that if you're not doing anything wrong, then you don't have to worry about privacy. Well, unless you're willing to live your life within the narrow confines of fundamentalist morality, you now have something to worry about.
Aug 26, 2015 Allen Gilliam commented on Savage Love.
World Traveler wrote: (although why you would use your work address on AM is a mystery).

Perhaps you misunderstand the severity of the privacy breach. The AM users' real, legal names and addresses have been revealed from their billing information. This will harm many thousands of people.

Read the link provided by DonnyKlicious at #5.