Mar 1, 2015 QRRR commented on How Central District Activists Feel About Uncle Ike's These Days.
Got say the comments make waaaayy more sense than the article did. Blaming a pot shop for gentrification is about as stupid as it gets.
Oct 18, 2014 QRRR commented on City Auditor Turns Up Little Evidence of Meaningful Paid Sick Leave Enforcement.
Right when this law passed and it was determined the Office of Civil Rights would enforce it I knew that was a blatant attempt to NOT enforce this law. It seems my initial impression was correct. That office obviously has no enforcement capability, but you are supposed to appeal to them for enforcement? It doesn't sound like a single employer has been held responsible for complying with this law. Yet I see dozens of cops herding homeless people down the street for breaking the tresspassing laws every week.
Oct 16, 2014 QRRR commented on A Majority of Our City Council Is at a Swanky Resort With the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
Another example of Kshama Sawant exposing common political practices as being completely business as usual and entirely corrupt. Why have I never heard of this conference that has been running for 25 years? Because our major media outlets endorse conferences like that, and don't want regular citizens to even be aware of them. I can't thank her enough for continually being willing to go against the grain of elected politicians and call out their ridiculous BS.
Apr 9, 2014 QRRR commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
So, is The Stranger going to stop slobbering all over Dave Meinert every time he opens a new restaurant now? Just wondering. I've always thought he was full of BS and I don't understand why he's treated like some hipster mogul around here. He's just another rich a**hole looking to make more money off his workers by scaring them into supporting a law that hurts them. Also, what a scumbag for using tips that are meant for his employees as a negotiating tactic to scare them. I'm never going to one of his restaurants again and I hope you won't either. This guy has gotten waaaaayyyy to much good press over the years and it's time that ends.
Feb 24, 2014 QRRR commented on THIS Is How You Tell Cops That Misconduct Will Not Be Tolerated.
Thanks for linking us to this Dominic. I am truly impressed by Urquhart's professionalism on display in this video. I can't understand why so many people insist on defending SPDs practices when they can be so obviously contrasted against King County. THIS is what a good cop should say, but you will never hear a statement like this from SPD.
Feb 21, 2014 QRRR commented on Police Chief Misled Mayor and Council on Misconduct Decision.
Stay after these guys Dominic. I can't thank you enough for continuing to write about the corruption of power in our city.
Jan 15, 2014 QRRR commented on Bad Cop Gets "Punished" with Day Off.
I can't believe all this criticism of Mr. Holden. This cop behaved totally unprofessionally and threatened Mr. Holden. Cops need to be held to a higher standard than that and Mr. Holden is trying to do that and I thank him for doing it. Keep up the good work and I really hope you will consider filing a lawsuit against the city.
Dec 11, 2013 QRRR commented on Teacher: Pot Party Sent Bad Message to Kids.
What a joke of an article. Any single beer commercial is a much more potent form of influence and messaging to teens and children than 1000 meet ups at Seattle Center. You might be able to begin making arguments like this when marijauna advertising rivals alcohol advertising but not before and certainly not now.
Oct 29, 2013 QRRR commented on A Pictorial History of Public Campaign Financing in Seattle.
Great post, thanks for putting this together.
Oct 29, 2013 QRRR commented on The Adverse Impacts of Genetically Engineered Foods—A Case for Labeling.
Thanks for explaining the environmental side of this issue. To many people are getting hung up on the confusion about whether GMO food is healthy or not. It's much easier to see the damage GMO farming practices are having on our environment.