Sep 25, 2012 x14n commented on Meanwhile in Spain.
Does anyone else find these (now regular) images of police beating unarmed protesters as disturbing as I do?
Sep 24, 2012 x14n commented on I Was On Current Last Night....
The video is showing up as private now. Came here hoping to find an updated link... what gives?
Google yields this, which I'm guessing is the same?…
Jun 28, 2012 x14n commented on SL Letter of the Day: Ovary Up!.
+1 for girls taking initiative. I'm a straight, pro-feminist guy,
and from conversations with my female friends, I feel like it's more polite for me to give my number than ask for a girl's number, who may feel obligated but not *actually* be interested. Over the years I've made myself get over the anxiety and give girls who I think might be interested my number or email with a sort of "do what you will with it, ball's in your court" attitude. Sometimes it worked out great, and I dont recall any harm having come of it.

Still, I'm lukewarm if I'm not sure someone is into me -- called/contacted "to be nice". On the other hand, I'll bend over backwards, do hand-stands, fetch coffee, make breakfast, do laundry, etc. for someone that I *know* actually is really interested in me. I know that girls a lot of "unwanted attention", esp. at places like bars.
But when a girl gives her contact info to a guy, the guy is pretty sure she's interested, and that's a big fucking turn-on.
Jun 21, 2012 x14n commented on SL Letter of the Day: Don't Swallow That.
I generally agree with the DTMFA crowd, buuuuut...
If you like him and want to stay with him, I think you should make him swallow his own come as an apology. Hell, even *try* to swallow his own come.

I say no more sex with mister DoWhatISay until he gets a mouthful of his own come. It's a punishment ("now who's telling whom what to do?") that fits the crime. Otherwise, yeah, DTMFA.
Jun 21, 2012 x14n commented on Not the Change You Believed In.
@21 "Unfortunately, the "imperialist" and "anti-muslim" argument is an echo of postmodern, relativism mumbo jumbo. " (edited for ya)

Not really. Let's take imperialist and leave anti-muslim aside for now. There's a fertile line of academic debate, from a Marxist/anti-capitalist point of view that the U.S. practices cultural imperialism, initially exporting things like coke and jeans and reaping profits, but also through world military dominance, influencing other countries economies through the WTO, the World Bank, and the UN.

I'm not saying I agree with all of the criticism, but you can't dismiss this as a "thing of the past", nor does the anti-capitalist critique necessarily endorse repressive regimes. Many of the protesters at G8 and G20, for example, or those critical of NAFTA, see the US as propping up oppressive/violent regimes such as Saudia Arabia, Colombia (for a time), MX (depending on your world view), while selectively intervening in other countries' politics based on self-interest (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya but not Syria, Bahrain or Yemen).

It's pretty hard to argue that, at an international level, the US is a big fuzzy teddy bearer of human rights and freedom of expression. And neoliberalism has some responsibility for that.
Jun 20, 2012 x14n commented on SL Letter of the Day: Do Monogamous Gay Couples Exist?.
I generally don't mind the the use of "wanna". I'm in my 30s and I use this construct often when writing in a conversational mode, things like "Wanna go to the park?" or "Wanna make a difference?".

That said, that's a whole lot of wanna's, now that I look at it.
Jun 20, 2012 x14n commented on Not the Change You Believed In.
@13 Ban. Known troll.

I'm not yet convinced it's time to jump on the High Horse Bandwagon. As per "it gets worse" link:

"By not embracing American progressivism, the company said it hopes to make its platform more welcoming to people around the globe who might see such an association as imperialist or anti-Muslim."

Attribution of this statement aside, it's not totally preposterous. The last 20 years of neoliberalism (NAFTA, G20, G8, Davos, countless climate talks, drone strikes, etc. etc. etc.) haven't exactly burnished the images of elected American liberals such as Clinton, Gore and Obama. American liberalism kinda *does* have a reputation as imperialist and anti-Muslim. The neocons are worse, for sure, but that doesn't exactly excuse the American left-that's-now-right-of-center.
Jun 15, 2012 x14n commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Failure to Comprehend.
I feel like Dan punted on this a little bit. It *is* Friday afternoon after all. I see two "teachable moments":

1. LW sounds pretty new to kink and, like many new and excited people, is confused about *exactly* what he wants and thinks everything is everything. I had to read many many SLLOTDs and have a lot of conversations with partners before I could clearly and honestly say "I like A, B, and C, but not X, Y, and Z". I hear the LW mixing together subbing, anal play, and orientation into a big bag of "that sounds fun". I'm sure this is confusing as hell for wife. LW needs to talk with wife about exactly what feels good, what's a turn-on, etc., and maybe figure out for *himself* exactly what he wants before he even *thinks* about hitting the streets (or getting hit by them).

2. From the highlighted comment in the GGGocracy SSLOTD (June 6th): "If the guy were more patient [...] and talk with her about it alone in between them, then he might have gotten what he wanted.
I'm sure Dan gets tired of repeating this, but here goes:

Bad/ineffective/assholeish conversation:
"I want this."
"I don't."

Good conversation:
"I'm interested in this. Here's why. I'm not necessarily asking for this now, but I want to share my desires/fantasies with you. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Maybe in the future we can talk about some of these things actually happening, but right now let's just talk about the fact that they turn me on."
Jun 11, 2012 x14n commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father, There Is No Morality Without Religion, O They Will Know We Are Christians By Our....
While unregistered comments are sometimes tragic to the point of hilarity, (and occasionally insightful -- now go register already!) I have a new slog rule -- I terminate reading upon first use of "Danny". The childish condescension contained therein renders the comment as interesting as McDonalds food, a pale simulacrum of content.

Don't feed the trolls. The results are as predictable as eating fast food -- upset all around.
Jun 11, 2012 x14n commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pout It Out.
@36 Thanks, I'm always happy to learn something new. Does lube play a major role in quick encounters? (R.e. warm-up:
EricaP's transcript == epic).

@39 What part of my comment implied holding off between orgasms? "No need to be cruel, I'm guessing he wouldn't turn down hand-, blow-, or tit- jobs." As many others have noted, communication seems to be a big issue, with an implied element of coercion. Making a game of "this is your week to please me" seems more than reasonable, especially given the fact that marriage is on the menu.

Sounds more emotional than physical to me at this point.