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Sep 29, 2016 cattycat commented on Native Activist and Speaker Gyasi Ross Launches New Podcast to Share Indigenous Perspectives.
Yes, Gyasi has made a habit of misogyny, despite taking part in an Indian Law Project aimed at bringing to light the outrageous abuses of Native women. He has also claimed that you shouldn't call yourself Native if you don't live on your reservation (75% of Natives don't live on reservations), and that the mascot issue isn't that big of a deal...until he saw so many fighting it, then he jumped on the bandwagon. I've noticed that quite a bit of his speaking out has to do with promoting himself. His books, his appearances, his podcast. He's also been witnessed treating elders badly, because they've told him their kids/grandkids are just as Native as he is. He seems to have Sherman Alexie's foot-in-mouth disorder, where he's gotta be the most Indian Indian around, and anyone with less blood quantum is a 'wannabe'. He needs to get over his own ego, that is NOT how our people are supposed to behave...but we have learned this trait well.
Sep 13, 2016 cattycat commented on North Dakota Police Arrest Seattle Activist, 21 Others, at Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Site.
Cell signals are being blocked once again, and we have had a report of shots fired, which has not been substantiated yet. At least one person is on their way to the site to find out if shots have been fired, but may be hindered by many roadblocks. Cops at roadblocks are stopping cars with Native people, threatening them with arrest, etc. The people who have chained themselves to equipment are blocked from being given water.
Nov 23, 2015 cattycat commented on I, Anonymous.
Love how everyone in Seattle is so incredibly stupid they can't think beyond the tip of their own noses to the fact that people live in neighbourhoods not adequately served by buses, or that people have to come from out of the area (They don't live IN Seattle? OH, the HORROR! Pour me another glass of organic, GMO-free, gluten free PINOT, IMMEDIATELY!!!!), or that not everyone, by far, can have a job schedule that runs concurrent to bus schedules. Hell, I live out of the area, and I HATE going to Seattle, not just because of the fucking buses, but the rest of you self-righteous prigs who can't think beyond yourselves, though you THINK you're 'thinking about the planet'. (PS--your focus is FUCKED). Every damned time my doctors find something new that is seriously wrong, they want to send me to specialists in Seattle. Really? "Uh, could this kill me if I don't?" "Quite possibly...." "Uh, yeah, if I can avoid Seattle and the cocksuckers that live there? I'm good with that...." (of course, the self-righteous Seattle says, with nose high in the air, and PBR in hand..."We're good with that, too...*sniff*")
Jul 27, 2015 cattycat commented on I, Anonymous.
I. Fucking. Hate. The. Ducks. They're noisy, loud, obnoxious, and a traffic hazard! They're wider than one lane and slow traffic to a crawl, in traffic that is already a nightmare! FUCK THE FUCKING DUCKS UP THEIR FEATHERY FUCKING ASSES! As to 'oh, poor baby, you chose to live next to the boat ramp...', most actual BOATS don't make such an ASSLOAD of noise, and your average boat owner/launcher is more preoccupied with getting a boat in/out of the water, not gawking at residents as if they're just part of the scenic tour! WHERE IS ELMER FUDD WHEN YOU NEED HIM? HUNTING SEASON IS ON!
Apr 28, 2015 cattycat commented on I, Anonymous.
I agree with #18. I have a sensitive gag reflex and no kids, but I would not hesitate to help a harried parent in such a situation. And not only does it not say WHICH parent, it also doesn't say they ATE in the food court, just that the kid puked there. They could have been walking through after an organic lunch prepared at home. Kids puke. We all did. And I can see not wanting to leave your child in a mall full of stranger danger to find paper towels to at least absorb some of the mess, or cover it so others don't have to see it. Courtesy and humanity no longer exist.
Feb 6, 2015 cattycat commented on Lindy West's This American Life Piece Prompts Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to Promise Action Against Online Abuse.
I'm a Native American activist, and I get bigots and nutjobs seeking me out to harass me endlessly, tell me how 'wrong' I am, and spew racist epithets. Daily. You are supposed to look at it as a 'teaching moment', but it's not. They don't want to be informed, or learn, they just want to take it out on you, because they feel threatened by anyone having equal rights, or getting respect. USUALLY white, they feel the privilege they've enjoyed for so long is at risk somehow, and that they, as the superior race, have the right to tell you how to feel, speak, think, and act. I have been called 'squaw', buffalo herder, buffalo jockey, blanket ass, prairie n*gger, etc, etc. Told by said trolls that I was uneducated and illiterate (meanwhile their spittle-filled posts brim over with bad spelling and grammar, not to mention text speak)

I used to engage, but it would get to the point of exasperation, and I'd just start swearing. Now I just report, and block, but twitter never does anything about it. Some people start accounts JUST to troll, and one look at their TL shows nothing but vile, racist 'tweets'. And twitter allows it to continue. One of the worst right now is Michele Tittler. Google her. The woman is nuts, in her 50's, lives with her parents, and stole thousands from her father for domain names using "Idle No More", etc, to derail people from the genuine sites, where she then rants on about all the 'special treatment' we get, etc. And ANYTHING you say back to her, she screen caps to 'prove how racist Natives are towards whites'....when NOTHING racist was said. And who is the latest? None other than Rosie O'Donnell, telling women of colour they don't matter, they need to shut up, she's done so much for them, the ingrates, and using disparaging terms. Wow.
Jun 7, 2014 cattycat commented on That’s Kind of Racist, Dude.
And usually, in these discussions, as with this one, Native Americans are left out. You want to see racism? Go to any story about changing the name of The Redsk*ns. It is a racial slur, but people find their damned sports so important that marginalizing an entire race and culture is supposed to be 'okay'. We are told to shut up, sit down, 'get over it', and all manner of other garbage and rationalizations. Don't believe BS polls that tell you 90% of us are OKAY with the name, or you desecrating sacred items like the headdress (which is something you have to earn each and every feather), or the pipe (it's NOT for smoking weed). I was never asked in these polls, no one I know was asked in these polls. You can find a poll to go whichever way you need to fit your argument. Imagine being told to 'go back where you came from', or seeing the "Pocahotties" on Halloween. Black face is not cool, yellow face is not cool, but red face? Sure, go ahead...the Indians are all dead, right? We are stereotyped and caricatured by media and Hollywood even today. We are reviled as bloodthirsty savages, or romanticized as the noble warrior. Sleazy fringed outfits, and assholes like Wayne Coyne who gives a 'fauxpology' to Rolling Stone, then goes on to desecrate our culture further. Then there are the new age idiots who think they're so 'in sync' with us, see the crystals? But suggest to them they really learn or immerse themselves in the ways of our people, and "EW, no! I won't go to reservation, that's gross! I'm just going to continue chopping up your culture into manageable bites, smash 'em all together, and claim to be a shaman! And CHARGE for it!" We have the highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic abuse, suicide (especially in our youths), rape, and lowest life expectancy. We're forgotten, except when we speak up, then they pretend they never heard us before (the mascot issue has been going on since the 60's), and then they tell us to shut up, they'll tell us when to feel insulted. Racism in any form is WRONG, but no one wants to face it head-on, or realize that maybe the way they think, feel, or act towards someone who is 'different' might just be wrong.
Aug 20, 2013 cattycat commented on Hempfest Kicks Out Man Trying to Roll World's Largest Joint.
Can someone point out to me where the cops said what he was doing was legal?
Seattle Port Police: "If you're outside this Hempfest, it sounds lto me like what you're articulating would be within the limits of the agreement."
The agreement, in this case, that he can do whatever he wants OUTSIDE Hempfest boundaries. I didn't see anywhere that someone said what he was doing was legal. Hempfest is an increasingly difficult and expensive event to organize every year, and most of the people whining would NEVER consider getting off their stoned asses and actually HELP. This douche not only wanted to skirt state laws, but Hempfest regulations. They are trying to keep the permit process accessible, especially since so many local merchants put up a fuss about it and tried to get it either moved, or cancelled. The STATE law is up to one ounce. it 'owned by many people', but when you get caught with over 2.5 lbs. of weed in YOUR hands, that makes it in YOUR possession. (the Santa Cruz joint was 2.5 lbs, and also got confiscated, which means this would have had to contain more than 2.5 lbs.) That puts YOU in possession of far more than an ounce. The video doesn't show what took place beforehand, and the fact that this guy knew he was not welcome to just barge in without a vendor permit, and still continued to do so, I don't think anyone should fault Hempfest staff. Don't like it, get your ass in there and work to make the changes YOU want...or shut the fuck up about it!
Aug 2, 2013 cattycat commented on Mayor McGinn Says "Threats of Harassment... Are Unacceptable in Our Police Department".
Yet his cops MURDER people (such as John T. Williams, who was doing NOTHING to even warrant being detained), and that's okay by him...let's just allow him to quietly resign and go be a murderer elsewhere.
Yes, I KNOW they talk to people like this all the time...I know of a woman FOUR of them crowded around when she was just taking pics of them harassing people, they jostled and threatened her. NOTHING was ever done, and one of them continued to harass her every time he saw her.
Jul 18, 2013 cattycat commented on The Stranger Endorses McGinn for Mayor.
@58>>Not quite true. He showed up for John T. Williams events. By the way, his brother was told they would have three years to finish the totem poles on the waterfront...after ONE year, they were evicted. Not only that, they got told when the first one was finished that THEY had to pay for the transport and placement of the totem pole at the Seattle Center. McGinn is a lying sack of dog shit, and can't do fuck-all if it doesn't involve a bike or a tree or a whale. In other words, no real issues.