Jul 8, 2011 yisheng commented on Another One for the Monogamusts.
Seems obvious. She ought to hire some male sex workers, and also get her husband to lick her slit more.
Apr 17, 2011 yisheng commented on Instant Singapore.
@Hayden: There's more than one reader Slog has in Singapore. You should come down to Singapore or Malaysia and try real laksa; you'd love it.
Feb 12, 2011 yisheng commented on The Fear of Accents.
Go Ming! And go Singapore!

(By which I mean the people and the utopian ideals of liveable multiculturalism we grew up with, not the authoritarian nature of the government.)
Jan 5, 2011 yisheng commented on How Not to Kick Someone's Ass.
The language is Chinese, not Japanese. But I can't tell if it's Taiwanese or the People's Republic or Hong Kong or Macau.
Nov 23, 2010 yisheng joined My Stranger Face
Nov 23, 2010 yisheng commented on Daily Pill—Taken Without Fail (No Screwing Up)—Reduces HIV Infection Rates By 90%.
Great point as always, Dan. Still, let's celebrate this discovery, given that we were too wary to celebrate the discovery of anti-retrovirals 15ish years ago. This may/will pave the way towards more practical cures.