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May 14, 2012 d.m.stone commented on Anarchy Is
Your critics weren't jumping on you for "asking questions" or because they were threatened. You didn't even ask any questions. You came up with some hackneyed justifications for a group devoted to malicious actions with out interviewing anyone.

Now you interviewed a bunch of thoughtful Anarchists who weren't out busting window. It is as if you tried to justify the ELF by having coffee with John Muir.

I wish someone from the black bloc would admit the whole purpose of smashing windows is to get windows smashed. The justifications are there to get most of us off the fence, but really the more broken windows the better. Someone has to break the first one, but eventually, once there is enough broken glass, even regular everyday people will start throwing bricks and they'll be living in the anarchistic utopia they were hoping for.
May 4, 2012 d.m.stone commented on Testaments Old & New.
When wrestling with apparent contradictions in the Bible it is always good to remember Proverbs 26:4-5;
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit. (KJV)
May 4, 2012 d.m.stone commented on On Violence and the "Smashy-Smashy".
Thanks for the reasoned reply. I have a couple things to add.

I found Brendan's examples selective and misleading as well. Jesus throwing the money-changers out of the temple had much different motivations and consequences then smashing some corporate windows. And as much as he wanted to invoke the ELF and other direct actions, he left out some major example from history, for example Kristallnacht or the Birmingham Church bombings. These tactics appear less compelling when they aren't being used by the home team.

Secondly, the justification of the smashing by saying they weren't attacking "mom 'n' pop corner stores or restaurants," is again misleading. While they are corporations, they are still staffed by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends. Direct action isn't an excuse when the store takes a quarterly loss due to being closed for a day. While the corporation can shrug it off as the cost of doing business, "mom 'n' pop" are likely not going to get that raise.
Jul 14, 2011 d.m.stone commented on Brave New City.
I have lived in the south end for 4 years now, and have always boasted the benefits. I was excited for the Stranger to give Columbia City its due, but I wasn't expecting 5 pages of dreamy drivel.

Someone needs a wake-up call.
Jun 14, 2011 d.m.stone commented on "Indie Rock?" DO NOT WANT..
James, while you were pausing and cussing, you missed the most important line in this guys pitch. ""The battle that the punks started 30 years ago has been won, the MEEK have inherited the earth."

I feel like this is more then a cliche. The meek are winning. Quiet and gentle underground bands are hitting the charts, but this is no surprise. The record industry has gotten more savvy when it comes to finding and marketing the same old neutral marketable pop music. Now the industry maintains the band's "indie" label by placing the band on a third tier subsidiary indie label, while continuing to milk it's cash cow.

So you, James, hit the nail on the head.
Nov 23, 2010 d.m.stone commented on My #1 Band Dude Pet Peeve....
@ 48 - I missed you the last two times you played with MCD because I assumed the show would run late, as they are apt to do, and arrived as y'all were finishing up.

If I had only asked...
Nov 23, 2010 d.m.stone joined My Stranger Face
Nov 23, 2010 d.m.stone commented on My #1 Band Dude Pet Peeve....
I'm right with you on the setiquette. I was in a band which would really startle sound guys on load-in. We would immediately introduce ourselves and explain,

"Yes, there are three full stacks, and a keyboard amp. No, they don't need to be mic'd. We just need a D/I and drum mics, no sound check is necessary."

We would then proceed to set-up and tear down in less time then it took the two kids to place their Line 6 bedroom combos on chairs.

One time a venue was already running late (10 band, all day, fundraising something-or-other) and we set up around the previous drummer as he sat in a halo of his drum hardware, picking at his toes.

Really, if we want shows to run well we all have to do our part; venue and performers.