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Jan 5, 2013 samshortis commented on Today in Rape and Other Violence Against Women.
Any idiot who thinks they don't know someone who's gone through either rape or sexual abuse- you're in for a reverse santa claus situation.
I'm a guy, I've said silly shit in my life, it's like we have a sense of humour based on who can say the most shocking thing. That said I found out when I was an adult that my mum had been raped as a young adult- she never said anything about it (she's my mum I guess she thought it might be inappropriate to burden me with that information), and then I found out my sister and grandmother had both been raped at some point in their lives.
Which leads me to say this: people (us guys in particular) make a lot of jokes about rape, and violence towards women, and we don't know wtf we are talking about.
When people actually talk about it, the probability that you know someone who has been raped and or sexually assaulted is higher than you think.
I am a raging feminist, and everyone should be. Who on average is most likely to transmit the values and norms of a society to the next generation? Probably mothers? Wouldn't it be nice for them if we didn't condescend to reduce feminism to "complaining too much"?

Lastly I'm not interested in trolls, they lend their spare time to winding people up extracting the same glee guys get from telling violent rape jokes. I'm certainly not going to collude with them by telling their victims to stop complaining.
Mar 5, 2012 samshortis commented on In Daily Papers in England....
Yeah they can. Our news is also slightly less testosteroned. But you guys invented musical theatre and Dan savage. So we're both winners!
Jan 25, 2012 samshortis commented on Stephen Fry as a Brit Romney/Gingrich Mashup.
Darling.. would you pass the marmalade?
Jan 8, 2012 samshortis commented on Santorum v. Griswald.
If it's about babies, then everyone should be banned from producing them until all the ones who need adopting get adopted.
Sep 28, 2011 samshortis commented on Savage Love.
1) Homphobia is totally rooted in gender-nonconformity;and it appears to some minds to be acceptable to treat perceived "excessive" femininity with violence- Effeminacy being equated with triviality and weakness. This is the seed of a license to violence, "take this because you deserve it" mentality which is a crock of BS. In college I was friends with a guy who was gender dysphoric as a child and he was an absolute education for me. Effeminacy is generation of trust, connection, power, kindness, articulacy and insight. It doesn't deserve to be equated with weakness anymore than maleness deserves to be equated with violence.
Sep 23, 2011 samshortis commented on Police Open Criminal Investigation into Jamey Rodemeyer's Death.
I have to disagree with what someone else has said here : that Adolescents act without understanding the consequences-so therefore can't be held accountable.
There are Adults out there who also act without understanding the consequences of their actions. We still have laws which hold them accountable. There should be laws which hold people to account here, if not the children involved then the schools themselves. People on a power trip without fear of getting caught HAVE NO INCENTIVE to check their behaviour.
The problem here is we need a key root definition of bullying; Harrassment and Intimidation should be regarded as criminal.
Finally, LGBT are still second class, until their unions are upheld nationally. Can we really live in a country where gay marriage is termed a"controversial issue" and leads to legislative debate (it shouldn't, it's obvious the state should give them national validation) while the problem of bullying, which has lead to deaths, about which the law remains silent?
Aug 23, 2011 samshortis commented on Bi-National Gay Couple Documents Their Forced Separation.
Yeah, this is why I moved back home to Europe. Being from the UK same sex partnerships extend to nationals of other countries- also other countries in the EU recognise them even if they don't all perform them. It boggles the mind that the "free world" doesn't extend its gay citizens the same courtesy
Jun 9, 2011 samshortis commented on Help Me Write My Speech for the Webby Awards!.
oh! it's for IGB @82!! @82!! 82 is the best!!
Jun 9, 2011 samshortis commented on Help Me Write My Speech for the Webby Awards!.
Screw bullying...and each other
May 15, 2011 samshortis commented on SL Letter of the Day: Euro Trashed.
@64 Thank you wascalwabbit, imagine, leaving the Brits out of the kinkbox. I am horrified, no, distraught that Dan doesn't think of us in "that" way, and shiver to think of the sheer volume of work that must be done to rescue and restore our reputation. It's just earthshattering. Unsexy..we who gave the world Oscar Wilde, Carey Grant, Gregory House and Captain Lee Adama, the Welsh...
I'm just devastated really