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  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Natural Born Killers
  • If you could bring one dead person back to life, who would it be?: Janis Joplin
  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede

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DanFan503 I come here to learn.
Jun 27 DanFan503 commented on Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man A Heavy Drinker.
This makes me want a drink...
May 20 DanFan503 commented on Federal Judge Strikes Down Pennsylvania's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage.
@7 Please don't rule out the backwards ways of Kansas..
May 20 DanFan503 commented on No Refunds In the Strip Club—And No Harry Potter DVD Givebacks.
He does look like the kind of guy that would want his Harry Potter DVD's back....
Feb 19 DanFan503 commented on Never Double-Down on Prayer when Pneumonia Is in the House.
I'm not applauding their death as heartlessly as that sounded.
Feb 19 DanFan503 commented on Never Double-Down on Prayer when Pneumonia Is in the House.
Yeah, or maybe these kids would have grown up to breed and multiply in the same nutty traditions, spreading ignorance and nonsense. Maybe now the remaining 7 will go to homes where they learn a different way of life.
Feb 17 DanFan503 commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
Serial killers, molesty pastors, and cannibals are usually white guy.
Keeping girls as sex slaves for decades is a male hispanic crime.(Arial Castro, Raul Ochoa, Phillip Craig Garrido)

Feb 13 DanFan503 commented on Comcast to Acquire Time Warner Cable in $44 Billion Deal.
TWC is so bad here in the MidWest that they had this fairly laid-back girl fantasizing about blowing up their headquarters by the time I finally switched.
It doesn't sound like Comcast is any better.
Perhaps it's a message from the universe to watch less TV.
Feb 6 DanFan503 commented on Toddler Shoots Baby.
So for every one of these random accidents where a kid accidently shoots another kid, how many kids discharge weapons that don't hit anyone?
I mean, there's no "aiming" in these type of cases, so common sense would lead to the assumption that kids are shooting guns at a much higher rate than we even hear about.
Even assuming a rate of 50% of shots fired hitting someone, that means there are twice as many kids pulling triggers.
Jan 31 DanFan503 commented on Savage Love.
Am I the only one curious about the earning profile for HSMTIT and her husband? I think that detail matters a lot. Does he make all the money and she earns none, but wants to tell him how it should get spent?
Is it the other way around and he's overspending money he didn't earn?
Yes, marriage is a partnership, but maybe a house is HER goal, not his.

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