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Jun 29 Polyphemus commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
Apocalyptic leftie morons. Like homeopaths, they WANT to make everything worse, so they can:
a) preen in the moral superiority.
b) gloat over the fantasy 'revolution' that will never come.

And they just keep hitting the repeat button with all the tinfoil hat tropes they've rotted their brains with all this year.

Hillary Clinton eats meat for gosh-sakes! And wears leather shoes! Owe Knows!

Don't they know, that if Bernie had to function as the Chief Executive, in REAL LIFE, they would be howling for his blood in the first week?
Jun 24 Polyphemus commented on Watch Out for I-1515 Signature Gatherers.
The initiative system is a sham, since prop. 13 destroyed California its been a downhill slide. Any gajillionaire can essentially buy legislation to order.
Jun 20 Polyphemus commented on Bernie Supporters Plan to Disrupt Acceptance Speech by First Woman Nominated by a Major Party With "Fart-In Protest".
Well, Mr 'effective' IS Chris Hedges. Another 'progressive' who's tossed his brains out the window.
May 27 Polyphemus commented on Did You Catch Last Night's "Meet the Trumps" Special On Fox News?.
I'd rather Treat the Mumps.
May 26 Polyphemus commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Help Me Out, Sloggers.
Munches and meetups can be a good start. Or maybe an LGBT dance event?

There are non-alcohol peddling venues that USED to be the sort of place people could meet. Coffee-shops etc.
Alcohol is a very mixed bag. Yes, bars are where people meet, but they're also where people get obnoxiously drunk, OR connive to get young women dangerously drunk.
May 26 Polyphemus commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Age Difference.
I assumed LW was female because self-sabotage and bogus notions of Permanent Monogamy seem to be female defaults.

I'm (thus far) a Gold Star older woman's man. No 20 year gaps, and at 60 that seems unlikely. Eight years with my first lover, who sandbagged the relationship partly because of that. Twelve with my spouse a decade and a half later. Just a year and a half with my most recent ex.

These were mostly just accidents of connection. Because we WEREN'T on the hetero-normal fast track, we actually got to KNOW each other like real people

If LW's boyfriend was X years above or below 50, would he be panicking about 25 years from now? Every relationship is temporary. Even if you're buried in the same crypt, you'll have gone through changes that make a different relationship by that time.
May 16 Polyphemus commented on Travis Weber's Youth Pastor Watch.
I've seen several reports about Coyle, the Freethinker linked to the initial report from which this one is drawn. The whistleblower is quoted about Coyle 'denouncing gays' but no quotes from Coyle are sited. No reference to him being a particularly gay-obsessed homophobe. If he really is 'rabidly anti gay' it would be good to demonstrate the point.

The guy's a priest, caught using Grindr. He might just be another tragic closet-case lured into the clergy when he was vulnerable and intimidated.

OR...he might be public homophobe caught out like all the others.
May 3 Polyphemus commented on Savage Love.
Anal sex is NOT to be entrusted to 'whoops!'

The notion that anal is an ordeal to be endured by 50% of the participants is 100% toxic. The writer needs to
a) be secure in not having any 'surprise' pokes
b) have a chance to develop an erotic sensibility of her own, such that...someday...she may be ready to ASK her partner to fuck her ass, AND be ready to do so safely and pleasurably.
Apr 30 Polyphemus commented on Trump Rally Delayed By Riots in Orange County.
Trump has a 'base' so deranged that NOTHING that can happen wouldn't help with SOME of them, at least.

Of course, we have only snippets reported. I do think the Anti-Trump cause is better served when protestors demonstrate their superiority to Trumpish attitudes and ideas.

Some of the anti-Westboro Baptist demos seem to have found really solid ways to do this. Not that they 'cured' any Phelpses in the process...
Apr 13 Polyphemus commented on Savage Love.
Regarding SMOOSH and some commentors:
Is there anything a woman won't sacrifice to avoid communicating with a man about sex?

She's been 'sneaking' orgasms for 10 fuckin' years? Even if she doesn't want to recite her masturbatory history and motivations, she can STILL make arrangements for attitudes and positions that WORK FOR HER.

Oh... but that would mean being honest with her partner. Too bad!