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Jul 29 dutchie commented on Satanists Respond to Hobby Lobby Decision by Asserting Religious Exemption from "Informed Consent" Abortion Laws.
"It's only when you attack property rights, morality, family and basic Constitutional liberties"


"Rather than bitch and moan how it isn't faaaaiiiirrrr and blame others for your problems and generally throw temper tantrums, you might take charge of and find joy in your own lives. "

says the guy who throws temper tantrums every time when the supreme court says gay people and women and such have basic constitutional liberties

not sure whether trolling or massive cognitive dissonance
Jul 29 dutchie commented on Satanists Respond to Hobby Lobby Decision by Asserting Religious Exemption from "Informed Consent" Abortion Laws.
@ 6, the "the satanic temple" are not "actually worship the devil as a deity" satanists (which is why they are far from popular with the silly Crowley crowd), they are satanists as in how various (pre-)enlightenment figures like Milton, Blake, etc (and even going back to gnostic texts) presented Lucifer and his defiance of heaven as a promethean symbol for free will and humanism. Which is also the theme for many of the more intelligent death/trash-metal bands at the moment like Lamb of God, ArchEnemy, DevilDriver and Behemoth.
i assume most members are actually atheists with maybe the occasional agnostic and wiccan/pagan thrown in.
essentially they started this "church" to fight those "Christians" who cant get their heads around the separation of church and state using their own game, hence why they for example raised money to put a statue of Baphomet next to a statue to glorify the ten commandments on the Oklahoma state house lawn: http://www.vice.com/read/heres-the-first…
because if Christians can do it, everyone should be able to get the same. Its like the church of the flying spaghetti monster that was started to combat creationism being taught in public schools.
this aikido move with the hobby lobby ruling is exactly in that line.

which you would have known if you would have bothered to click the link provided in the article: http://thesatanictemple.com/about-us/35-…
Jun 3 dutchie commented on Actor Fired For Tossing Disruptive Bigot From Theater.
Silly country, as an actor and a bouncer I would have tossed him too, here i would just be very quick because the audiance would have probably jumped him before i got to him.
For a nation that likes to throw its weight around you seem not only to have institutionalized but also collectively internalized paranoid cowardice.
May 13 dutchie commented on How Did Your Cocaine Urine Get in My Drinking Water?.
Shame homeopathy isn't real or we would all be tripping ball 24/7...
Mar 2 dutchie commented on Slog Bible Study: Mark 11:20.
3 & 12, the whole trinity thing is a lot more recent than the bible, you need some serious mental/theological gymnastics to make that kind of stuff line up.
Feb 16 dutchie commented on Slog Bible Study: Deuteronomy 25:11-12.
Bronze age pro-wrestling had some quite specific rules.
Feb 14 dutchie commented on Seattle Anarchists Call to Murder Jail Inmates and Suck Cop Dick.
yes, because setting revolutionary slogans in a non revolutionary situation is an accurate representation of what these people believe in...
come one, thats like seizing on a "stop cars" slogan by saying "do they want people to walk to work?" or what conservatives do when you say "legalize", "so, you want dealers pushing heroin in kindergartens?"
there is a long standing tradition for prison abolishment and they have some good arguments; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison_abol…
give them the credit they deserve, don't be another crap hack.
Feb 1 dutchie commented on Hidden Camera Shows the Normal Stupidity of Children in the Presence of a Real Gun.
@ 11, pornmags dont kill children, guns do.
ad as with the rest of your examples, you would keep beer, cigarettes, matches etc etc out of a kids reach right? so why do not the fucking same with guns?
in fact, i'm sure you would not leave say bleach where a kid could reach it, even a lot less so if that bleach looked and smelled like lemonade, why then do you americans insist on leaving lethal objects that kids are way more conditioned to see as toys than as dangerous everywhere?
i'm pro gun rights, but you irresponsible lot make it impossible to make a convincing case that humans can be trusted with that responsibility, thanks a bunch.
Jan 28 dutchie commented on SL Letter of the Day: I Be All Persecuting Jesus And Shit.
"did I sin when I made him eggs this morning?"

was it bacon and eggs? because than I'm pretty sure that yes, according to the bible you sinned a big one.
Dec 13, 2013 dutchie commented on The Fight for Gay Rights Continues in India.
though India was of course a long time way ahead of us all, the homophobic legislation was only introduced under british colonial rule, watch the new documentary by stephen fry, its really good.

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