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Nov 28, 2012 randomsumm3r commented on And the Winner of the A&P Winter Fiction Contest Is....
Congrats John! It was fun submitting to this contest. To reach the word count I had to cut my story in half, which made it better. I'm using it to apply for MFAs this fall- so THANK YOU!
Nov 28, 2012 randomsumm3r commented on Masculine Mystique.
Wow, great. I first read T. Cooper as part of an anthology on John Hughes films. His essay was about being attracted to Duckie Dale and then realizing he wanted to be Duckie Dale; also, great thoughts on Mary Stuart Masterson's character in Some Kind of Wonderful. I'm excited to read this book, and glad that he was able to tell his story in a way that felt authentic, even if (especially if) his voice betrays some anger, hesitation, etc.
Jan 11, 2012 randomsumm3r commented on What’s a Nice Jewish Boy Doing in a Graveyard Shift Like This?.
"Shortly before that, he made an OC Notes/Sufjan Stevens transition sound unfeasibly smooth."

I've always said Riz can make a transition from Dusty Springfield to obscure German techno sound amazing- Alex does the same thing. Encapsulating a shifting vibe that still has a calm, beautiful center... thank you for the great article!!!
Dec 8, 2011 randomsumm3r commented on Chop Suey Appoints Devin Floyd as New Talent Buyer.
It's a testament to Matt's hard work that his reputation extends far beyond Chop Suey. I see him constantly around town working and/or supporting other people's events.

I haven't been to a Chop show in a year but I don't think it's Matt's fault. Crap economy lessens buying power in an already competitive market. And in the 8 years that I've lived here, nobody I know has ever said, "Yippie! My favorite party is now held at Chop Suey." TRUST is better at the new & improved Baltic Room. Soul is always better at the Lo Fi. It's a fundamentally awkward and difficult room to fill.

I've watched friends of mine bloom, and burn out in these positions over the years. A lot of it depends on who you work for and how you handle the decisions they make, too.
Sep 15, 2011 randomsumm3r commented on Worn Out.
I love fashion and Mandy's work, and am happy to see both covered in the Stranger. Every time I read Worn Out in print, though, I keep thinking: a column about fashion...with no pictures? Glad there are some online but Ed should throw you a bone in print if at all possible. xo Rachel
Jan 26, 2011 randomsumm3r commented on Soup!.
Very nice roundup, but I have to add my favorite for your consideration: the Hopvine's Roasted Garlic Soup, a seasonal rotation that just came out this week! NOM!!! Last year I had it at least 30 times. I love to take my friends for their first bowl. I call it the Soup of 10,000 Orgasms, because I want to softly moan every time I sip it. I'm borderline psycho in my love for this soup. You must try it!
Dec 6, 2010 randomsumm3r joined My Stranger Face
Dec 6, 2010 randomsumm3r commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Traffic Report, The Spokane Washington Edition.
@7 I remember that across from Bauhaus. A lovely thing it was. This middle-finger gesture could also fit at the corner of Olive & Denny, where at least twice daily I have to watch my back b/c someone is ready to roar down the hill. I'm constantly afraid for people wearing earbuds. If there's one crosswalk that's the biggest FU to pedestrians in town, I wager that would be it.