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Feb 15, 2013 pooponyrtoes commented on A Pastor Would Like to Address the Controversy over His Events that "Mock" the "Orientals" and "Blacks".
I'm confused why people who are not involved are getting so up in arms about this? If an ethnic group wants to have an evening celebrating and sharing their culture how is that a bad thing? All of the white people getting so angry is, I think, the reason that they are hosting this event. This whole "color blind" shit that liberals tend to embrace these days is just as damning as overt racism. Also: pretty sure his joke about maybe crossing the line with the Scandinavian "nite" was just that: a joke.
May 24, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on Dear Concessions Workers: Please Use A Lighter Touch with the Up-Selling.
I've had to work a corporate job where we were watched constantly and if we didn't up-sell we were penalized. I am not a salesman, and that was very uncomfortable for me, but I needed my job at that time, since I was 18 and fairly unemployable. How about, as pointed out by others, you speak to the manager or write a letter to the corporate office instead of raging at some kid working a minimum wage job, which I'm sure he/she really loves? And really, the soda and popcorn are already terrible for your child.
May 24, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on Yeah. We're Feminists. Do Something About It..
Technically, feminism is about equality and civil rights for everyone, while recognizing that it isn't going to be accomplished by white men. Feminism is humanism, but since women, at that time and still, are not on equal footing with men in terms of earning power or positions of power (such as the famous photo in which the only two women in the room were photoshopped out?) it's still fair to call it feminism. Maybe in 35 years we can switch to 'humanist'. Also: phallic drift. cool job, seandr.
May 23, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on And It's Time For: Showgoing Etiquette, Round 8,976,234!.
Someone asking, with a "please", for you to move is really not so much to be pissed about. Were you shoved? Threatened? Told to get yr. ass out of their way? No? Well, seems to me you had two options: you could have said "I'm sorry, but I really can't scoot over" or "sure". Either one would have been fine. Maybe you should just watch concert dvd's in your own home...
May 18, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on Paul Blart: Zoo Cop.
Oh, Lindy. You didn't even know we were married, but now, for making me watch that trailer, (what if I'd been spotted!) we must divorce. I trusted you.
May 16, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on "It Doesn't Get Better FUCK YOU BULLY HYPOCRITE".
@168/169...Why so rude? Just because I live my life the way I am most comfortable I am antagonizing carnivores? And said carnivores don't have enough self-control (must be blood-lust?) to be polite and respectful? Is the consumption of a vegetable a radical-political act that shakes y'all to the very core? Hide yr. children!! Sounds much more like the carnivores in this thread are being judgmental, if we ignore the (obviously) crazy LW.
May 15, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on "It Doesn't Get Better FUCK YOU BULLY HYPOCRITE".
I've been veg for over half my life, and vegan on and off during that time period. I'm pretty laid-back. I won't cook meat, or buy yr. ass a meat lunch if we're on a date ('cept my Mom: I bought her chicken pho when she came to visit, but I figure I can sacrifice for her.) If my meal gets screwed up at a restaurant and comes out with cheese, I say "well, that was a freebie" and eat it anyway. I work at a meat restaurant that prides itself on it's bacon burgers and steaks. I never make faces when I'm serving meat, when asked for a recommendation about a meal, I name and describe the most popular items (which are typically meat). People will see me eating my lunch, and that is when things get rude. "What are you, some kind of vegetarian?"


They begin to mock me, literally, deriding my life choices. They will not ask questions, but just make asinine fucking assumptions about what my life must be like. They will walk over and sit next to me while I am eating (and on my break, thanks douches) and slowly eat their bloody steak. I don't go up to them and announce my lifestyle choice. They seek it out, and then harass me. This happens at least once a week.

Cool Job.
May 11, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on SL Letter of the Day: You Better Sit Down.
Wow, I'm fairly ashamed of all of the selfish people who are offended by Dan's advice. That is pretty much the whole point of marriage, and I realize that, no, it's not sexy...but she's getting her sexy-times elsewhere. Regardless of the care she has given him, as 91 pointed out, he isn't her child, but her partner. Get stoned and fake an orgasm...is it too much to ask to let yr. terminally ill partner not be humiliated for 15 minutes?
Apr 18, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on SL Letter of the Day: Have At It, Gang.
@381. I'm a woman in my early 20's. That means I'm fairly knowledgeable on the behavior of women and girls, having been raised by a single mother with one sibling, a sister, but I also had internet since early adolescence and have managed to keep my innate vile-ness and vindictive nature in check when using social media. You should give it a try, sometime.
Apr 17, 2011 pooponyrtoes commented on SL Letter of the Day: Have At It, Gang.
At 18 years of age one is considered a legal adult and responsible for their own actions. 18 is only three years older than this girl, so to all of the commenters calling her "an innocent child", you perhaps need to remember what you were actually like at 15. Doing something very bad in response to someone else doing something bad really doesn't work in society, and at 15 you do know that. It's not like this child is six, and still figuring out morality. I mean, christ, life is all about massive disappointments, and she needs to learn that you can't just fuck shit up because you are hurt and angry. And it's probably for the best that she learn this before she can be held legally responsible for behavior like that....

That being said, FUBAR D should not ground her for the summer/send her to live with her grandparents, that is just ridiculous and clearly motivated by anger, also. FUBAR D does have a right to an opinion of punishment, that should not be the wife's sole decision, just 'cause he fucked up doesn't mean he has to turn in his 'parent card', but I think that the punishment should be a serious talk, between the dad and the daughter, about what he did, and why it was so shitty, and about what she did, and why it was wrong, too. And group therapy, stat.