Anne18 eats pumpkins like you for breakfast.
May 5 Anne18 commented on Clinton Campaign Accidentally Makes Pro-Trump Ad.
Hillary is smarter than Trump, and her barbs will always be classier. As they should be. Groucho was clever. Trump is not.
Mar 15 Anne18 commented on Real Donald Trump Quotes About Women (Read By Women).
Dan's assumption seems to be that all Trump voters are male, which isn't tooo far off, but is certainly not 100%. Women are voters too. They won't be reflecting on "women" in the abstract.

Some may be considering Trump. Some might not be any more.
Mar 15 Anne18 commented on Republican Attacks Will Only Make Trump Stronger.
This ad isn't for the established Trump voter, those already swimming in their personal pits of vile, but for those who may think "Well..... maaaaaybe Trump?" It's hard to imagine someone on the fence about him, but a lot of people don't have time to pay attention.

This will definitely hurt him in the general.
Dec 17, 2015 Anne18 commented on Today in Carly Rae Jepsen: Her PERFECT Version of "Last Christmas".
This song depresses me so much. But it was Dina Martina who did the best cover, who made it marginally palatable, during her holiday show last year.
Dec 3, 2015 Anne18 commented on Eight Photos Glamorizing War That First Appeared on the Front Page of the New York Times.
@1 - Isis is a product of war. War begets war begets war begets war. And the Unimaginative advocate for more war to solve it. There are other options.
Oct 15, 2015 Anne18 commented on We Saw You Puking on Rainier, Bragging Outside Kremwerk, and Day Drinking in Ballard.
"We saw you writing boring filler, instead of an interesting weekly round up notable/weird news."
Sep 16, 2015 Anne18 commented on Liveslogging the Second 2016 Republican Debate with Jindal, Santorum, Graham, and That One Guy!.
I can't listen to what they actually say without losing my lady-nuts, but love to read it, as filtered through slog. Thank you!
Sep 10, 2015 Anne18 commented on Savage Love.
@Chairman and the rest, you guys clearly got the idea of a woman using spit as lube FROM PORN, which ain't lady-reality. Keep the fact that porn is a performance for men, not a guide to how woman actually act or what they desire in the boudoir.
Aug 17, 2015 Anne18 commented on Reader Survey: Is Astrology Real?.
Not a believer in astrology, but always found this column interesting. Also, The Stranger is just becoming less and less...good. You've lost a lot of great talent and diversity in content. I actually checked Seattle Weekly out this week and they have more going on, news-wise, even if the writing is more pedestrian. If you're having trouble with the monies, be mindful of what is actually bringing in the monies. It ain't just Dan Savage.
Jul 16, 2015 Anne18 commented on I’m Trying to Stay Excited About the Return of Bloom County.
Hey. I liked Outland.

I read it before Bloom County though, so maybe it's about expectations.