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Jan 16, 2013 Solar System commented on Prosecutor Rightly Blamed for Death of Aaron Swartz.
Pretty cold not to feel sorry for him. I feel incredibly sorry for him, particularly because he obviously never got the help he needed to address his mental illness. It's just absurd to blame "THE GOVERNMENT" for his death while totally ignoring the seriousness of his condition.

Attempting to score cheap political points over Aaron's suicide is the real bitch move here.
Jan 15, 2013 Solar System commented on Prosecutor Rightly Blamed for Death of Aaron Swartz.
In 2006 I was informed by the police that someone had broken into my home and that they required permission to enter to find him. They didn't find the intruder but they did find my stash of marijuana. I had we'll over an ounce and had a bad habit of saving the bags of previous ounces purchaced and all the little crumbs left behind for rolling salad joints. I was charged with felony posession. Not only that, the prosecutor informed my lawyer from the start that if I were to even attempt to fight that they would tack on intent to sell and take me to trial seeking a minimum of 5 years imprisonment.

For posessing marijuana they found in my home while looking for someone who robbed my house.

My situation was dire..but I learned my rights, gathered my resources, got a good lawyer and faught it. I ended up with a simple misdemeanor conviction with 2 years probation and community service.

I didn't kill myself.

Aaron Swartz killed himself to make you wonderful folks in in the Internet Justice League shit their pants and blame the government for his death. He suffered a lifelong battle with depression and could not win his battle through this hardship. He instead martyred himself.

By blaming the government for his death you are doing a great disservice to the countless suffering from this mental illness. Shame on you Dominic and the rest of you for using his death to push this agenda. It doest matter that "its what he wanted". His killer was depression. Not Carmen Ortiz.

Had I killed myself facing years of prison for a victimless crime I would not have been able to spend the following years fighting for marijuana leagaliation in this state. A fight we just won, by the way.

He could have been a hero of the free information movement. Instead, he's a corpse.
Oct 16, 2012 Solar System commented on "Jesus and the Huge Asshole".
The Jimmy John's monthly newsletter has been filled regularly with anti-Obama propaganda for years. Jimmy apparently thinks he shouldn't have to pay for his employees to have health care so he can afford more trips to Africa to kill animals. Good for him.

He also has a full sized Jimmy Johns store inside of his house. Gotta pay for that somehow, right?
Jul 12, 2012 Solar System commented on Vandalism vs. Political Vandalism.

"Your comments imply that you think there's more coordination to these actions than there actually is."

What happened on May Day was a coordinated attack. There was obviously planning that went into those actions. It's not a coincidence that they all attacked at the same time with similar weapons.

"If two friends and I go for a walk down a public street, we can't really stop an third person from walking next to us, and we're unlikely to stop going for walks just because there are a few people on the streets doing things we neither want to do nor want other people to do."

The "smashers" didn't just randomly show up. This comparison makes no sense. They announced they were coming. The mayor warned the city. Everyone knew they were coming and you'd have to be an idiot not to know what they came to do.

Occupy Seattle - the organizers of the "peaceful protest" knew this and rather than tell those people to fuck off the Occupy leadership didn't say a damn word to discourage their presence. And not only that - they continued to offer justifications for violent behavior after it happened.

Rather than say "We will not stand for these kinds of actions!" we hear "Well it takes a wide diversity of tactics!" and "It's not violence if it's not directed at a person!" and other such piles of bullshit.

Guilt by association. It happens.
Jul 11, 2012 Solar System commented on Vandalism vs. Political Vandalism.
And fooling the larger public into thinking you're holding a peaceful protest when you've really come to use a "diversity of tactics" including rioting is pretty unfair too.
Jul 11, 2012 Solar System commented on Vandalism vs. Political Vandalism.

Funny how it's all about "solidarity" until somebody fucks up and gets in trouble.

I don't necessarily think that the police were dealing with those same people. I also don't think it's too much of a stretch for them to assume as such. And certainly by the actions of the broader organization it offers the police justification which just shouldn't be there.

If Occupy Seattle would just outright condemn these kinds of actions this would be a different story. But instead they keep the angry kids around to boost their numbers and gain media attention while offering them soft support and excuses for their behavior.

Guilt by association. This isn't new.

Fair? No.

But ruining a peaceful protest with a riot attempt isn't very fair either.
Jul 11, 2012 Solar System commented on Vandalism vs. Political Vandalism.
It's excessive force, yes.

But then again, they are dealing with a group of people who regularly post messages like "KILL COPS" around town.
Jul 11, 2012 Solar System commented on Vandalism vs. Political Vandalism.
Mr Kiley,

What happened on May Day was a failed attempt to trigger a riot. You know it was. You don't report it as such because of your quite obvious soft support for this "movement" so instead you throw out stuff like this to muddy the waters again and again with the same dead end logic and over-intellectualized nonsense.

What happened on May Day was only a "smashup" because the SPD didn't take the bait. Had they done so we would have had a full blow riot on our streets. Going to a peaceful protest after having organized a series of actions to trigger a riot is much different than throwing a rock through a window.

"I'm just asking the questions!"

No, you aren't. You're framing your opinions as questions. Taking your journalistic cues from Roger Ailes fucking sucks, sir.
Jul 10, 2012 Solar System commented on This Morning, Police Raided a House in the Central District Looking for a Black Hoodie, a Pink Scarf, and "Paperwork—Anarchists" (Or, Since When Are Pamphlets Evidence of a Crime?).
Organizing a riot is a crime.

Fortunately, "Occupy Seattle" or "black bloc" or "the anarchists" or whatever the fuck they are called failed to trigger the riot they were attempting to on May Day when the SPD didn't push back against their very obvious attempt. If you really look at what happened that day, and what was leading up to that day, and have anything approaching intellectual honesty you'll admit that there were people downtown who were trying to spark something much larger than what happened.

Remember these words: Organized. Attempt. Riot.

People who try and fail at crimes are still criminals regardless of the success of their plan.

You can overintellectualize, excuse, explain, justify, whatever all you want. The SPD is looking for those people who are responsible for inciting violence on our streets. That's what they are paid to do.

They might not be doing it very well, but that's what they are doing.
Feb 2, 2012 Solar System commented on A Mother's Crusade to Remove Hardcore Pornography from the Middle of Seattle Libraries.
You can't pull your cock out and beat it in the library.

You can, however, film yourself beating your cock and play it in full view of everyone at the library.

I would say that something is seriously wrong with that. Instead I'll just say God bless the United States of America.