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Jun 17, 2014 ikahana commented on An Embattled Mark Driscoll Urges Mars Hill Churchgoers to "Stay Off the Internet" Because "It’s All Shenanigans".
#21 - neonguy, Right? Next thing you know The Stranger will be slamming people who are vocally opposed to Asians, or vocally opposed to the Deaf, or vocally opposed to Buddhists, or vocally opposed to people who name themselves after noble gases. Like, how dare they take a stance against anyone who favors discrimination and injustice and inequality and who refuses to back those who want to make a subgroup of humans into second class citizens, criminals or crispy corpses. So skewed indeed!

P.S. - You should hit Mark up for a bump in pay. After all, you had to go into the trenches with these nefarious shenanigan-makers.
Aug 10, 2011 ikahana commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.
Out of one of the most horrific, brutal stories I've ever heard about in the place I call home, comes such an amazing story of survival, grace, strength, wisdom, love and peace. Jennifer - thank you so much for sharing your name and voice and story. The entire community is here for you.
Jun 20, 2011 ikahana commented on Bristol Palin: Levi Raped Me.
She couldn't report it to the authorities. Mama would have made her buy her own rape kit with her allowance, and she didn't get any that week for stealing Todd's wine coolers from his man cave fridge.
Feb 12, 2011 ikahana commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Wonderful. Thank you, Ms West. This made my day.

I think Dan Savage is a brilliant writer, a funny guy and usually spot on, but his comments about fat folks have always seemed no different than the bullying he has become the spokesperson against. Gay kids aren't the only ones that get bullied. So do fat kids. So do fat adults. For every story of someone who drops 40 pounds in six months, there are 20 stories of folks who have done that and gained 80 back. It is much more complex than stopping some mythical chips and beer diet.

I don't always get Ms West's movie and social commentary writings, but this was just perfect. I'm now a fan. A BIG fan.
Dec 18, 2010 ikahana commented on DADT: One Important Step Closer to History.
@24 - Agreed. He did it the way he said he wanted to do it from the start. Not the quick fix, the way that will make it last.

John McCain - thank you for your service. Now PLEASE retire. Today.
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