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May 16, 2014 TheDanimal commented on The SIFF 2014 Red Carpet Report!.
solid fix.
May 16, 2014 TheDanimal commented on What Do You Think of the Interstellar Trailer?.
That soundtrack was from V for Vendetta. Also, hooray for the McConaissance!
May 16, 2014 TheDanimal commented on The SIFF 2014 Red Carpet Report!.
Hayley Atwell didn't play Keith Richards' cheating girlfriend! That was Imogen Poots. Hayley played Jimi's OTHER British girlfriend

Also, pls don't let bowties become a thing
May 16, 2014 TheDanimal commented on Mayor and Tim Burgess Announce the Beginning of Seattle's Universal Pre-K Plan.
My goodness, that photo is a piece of art
Jun 14, 2013 TheDanimal commented on Council President Sally Clark Introduces an Emergency Half-Million-Dollar Bill to Move All of Nickelsville into Other Shelter or Housing.
That was the Introduction and Referral Calendar you're reading, not the Full Council agenda. This bill is NOT up for a vote Monday.
May 31, 2013 TheDanimal commented on Good Morning! Listen to This Song!.
This is really great
May 24, 2012 TheDanimal commented on Brett Phillips Gets Chamber of Commerce Endorsement.
It took me three reads to realize "Supes" is not the name of a person and "adorbs" doesn't mean "finds adorable"
May 17, 2012 TheDanimal commented on What's the Solution for a Bus Stuck at One Light for More Than Four Minutes?.
I dunno.... the concept of tunneling underground in Seattle sounds pretty sketchy
Mar 6, 2012 TheDanimal commented on Council Member Mike O'Brien's Re-Election Kickoff, Starring Deviled Eggs.
the audience was lady-filled? I KNEW I should have gone!! (the 6pm start time is what did me in)
Nov 1, 2011 TheDanimal commented on The Seattle Subway System.
Thought this post was going to be about sandwich shops. Very upset