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I bring you magic.....that is all..;-D GBSEGWW

Apr 17 pupuguru commented on The Morning News: Why Cars Are Allowed in Pike Place Market, Andrew Sullivan to Black and Brown People: You're Poor Because You're Not As Hardworking As Asians.
My observation in Amsterdam is that woonerf, or living ground, is residential and generally served by automobile access. People who live there often have cars. Pedestrian only seems more for commercial and shopping ares, which typically do have residences as well. People who live in these areas often do not have cars.
Apr 9 pupuguru commented on Is the Case Against Ed Murray Politically Motivated? Here’s What the Lawyer for His Accuser Says.
Simple shit man. Make the age of consent 14 and make it retroactive.
Apr 7 pupuguru commented on So What the Fuck Happens Now?.
In the words of the infamous black preacher....."God gonna make fire come outta that sodomites butthole..."
Oct 26, 2016 pupuguru commented on Guest Editorial: It’s Time to Move Forward on Pot Tourism in Washington State.
My opinion is to move incrementally. Parity with the alcohol industry would be nice. I suggest that take a way sales and tasting rooms at producer / processor sites would be a wonderful introduction to increasing purchase points and introducing folks to consumption in public.
Oct 19, 2016 pupuguru commented on What If Donald Trump Were Gay?.
Wait!!!! You mean Donald is NOT gay???? Get the fuck out of here.... he is so..;-S SSWW
Oct 19, 2016 pupuguru commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
Hmmmm, a $50,000 shirt order.....
Oct 1, 2016 pupuguru commented on The City Will Sweep the Jungle Beginning October 11.
Seems there needs to be like a permanent police presence in the camps to deter crime. It is not like there is a shortage of cops. Allow the camps to remain, but place LEO there 24/7 to make sure the port a potties stay clean. I foresee a unique sort of community policing. Get the access road in good shape so the cops can drive in and out of course. Maybe add a supervised injection site. Take the city resources to the clients, eh?