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I bring you magic.....that is all..;-D GBSEGWW

Oct 26, 2016 pupuguru commented on Guest Editorial: It’s Time to Move Forward on Pot Tourism in Washington State.
My opinion is to move incrementally. Parity with the alcohol industry would be nice. I suggest that take a way sales and tasting rooms at producer / processor sites would be a wonderful introduction to increasing purchase points and introducing folks to consumption in public.
Oct 19, 2016 pupuguru commented on What If Donald Trump Were Gay?.
Wait!!!! You mean Donald is NOT gay???? Get the fuck out of here.... he is so..;-S SSWW
Oct 19, 2016 pupuguru commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
Hmmmm, a $50,000 shirt order.....
Oct 1, 2016 pupuguru commented on The City Will Sweep the Jungle Beginning October 11.
Seems there needs to be like a permanent police presence in the camps to deter crime. It is not like there is a shortage of cops. Allow the camps to remain, but place LEO there 24/7 to make sure the port a potties stay clean. I foresee a unique sort of community policing. Get the access road in good shape so the cops can drive in and out of course. Maybe add a supervised injection site. Take the city resources to the clients, eh?
Sep 24, 2016 pupuguru commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
#8 I see a Ruger 1022 with an extended magazine when I look at the blurry photo.
Sep 19, 2016 pupuguru commented on Hate Read This Seattle Times Story About the Struggle of Two Upper Middle Class People in the Suburbs.
Hmmmm, I know folks who would do their child care for $40,000. That is $800 a week, more or less. For a live in full time nanny that seems reasonable.
Aug 29, 2016 pupuguru commented on The Morning News: Seattle Remembers "Uncle" Bob Santos, Greenwood Thief Caught on Camera, and a Trump Visit.
@3 .....We do have HD cameras. They are mandated for cannabis businesses. They are quite expensive....
Aug 12, 2016 pupuguru commented on The Morning News: University of Washington Station Is The Epicenter of Seattle's Transportation Future, Turbulence on a Motherfucking Plane.
The suggestion that the speeding ticket was proximate cause for the death of a biker is sort of absurd.

The shaman woman and the acolyte were walking by the road. The shaman woman stopped and rolled a joint. As they were walking and smoking the joint, there was a horrible crash and explosion just ahead. The acolyte exclaimed " How wise of you to stop and roll the joint, By your action we were saved".

The shaman woman replied, " But I may have delayed us just long enough to walk into an even greater disaster!" The acolyte said in frustration... "How do you ever know which is the correct path?" "I don't know." said the shaman, " I just roll the joint to perfection.".

Think on that for a bit and have a nice day...;-S SSWW
Aug 10, 2016 pupuguru commented on The Morning News: Judge Throws Out Uber Lawsuit, Tony Ventrella Gets Back in the Race for Congress.
There are banks which handle 502 cash, so the article is not quite accurate. Timberland has FDIC deposits, plastic and armored car cash pickups. Please report this correctly. You do a disservice to those who do provide service to the industry.