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10:41 AM yesterday pupuguru commented on This Needs to Happen to Urinals All Over the Country.
Y'all need to know.... this is in PARIS.... just sayin' @ 1.... 28..;-D
Nov 8 pupuguru commented on I, Anonymous.
Since the WSLCB just opened the retail license window to anyone who cares to get in, perhaps the bitch and moan crowd should pony up the cash and expertise and get in the business. It iis quite easy to buy a production license as well, so there is no barrier to doing whatever you please to serve all the patients in the state. BTW, just exactly how large is that market and what are the demographics they represent? Since they demand to be anonymous and uncounted, how do they expect to be served in ANY MARKET???. btw, i AM A PATIENT, AN i 502 PRODUCER AND A 4 DECADE ACTIVIST FOR CANNABIS RIGHTS. Damn cap lock..;-D
Nov 2 pupuguru commented on Seattle Chefs Cook with Weed.
Is the sharing of cannabis not also illegal under any circumstances???
Jul 26 pupuguru commented on Comic.
Cats!!! Just sayin
Jul 12 pupuguru commented on Roast Chicken and Rare Steak: Which Is Feminine, Which Is Masculine?.
Oysters and bratworst FTW.,
Mar 28 pupuguru commented on Watch Three City Council Members Admit What They Wouldn’t in 2013: Regulated Homeless Encampments Are a Good Thing.
Gee, there are enough homes sitting empty for all the homeless to have a manged place to live. Perhaps the city could think along the lines of relieving the banksters of some of the excess housing inventory on their books in a creative manner.
Mar 28 pupuguru commented on Local Elected Leaders Travel to Olympia With One Message: Allow Us to Build More Light Rail.
Yes, make Seattle a world class city with lean green transportation solutions and cut the automobiles by at least one half in the Seattle SMSA...;-d
Mar 22 pupuguru commented on Why Is This Rogue Needle Exchange Handing Out Meth Pipes?.
The Dutch virtually eliminated heroin injection by educating as to the safer means of ingestion such as snorting and smoking. The measure of harm reduction trading needles for pipes is enormous.
Mar 13 pupuguru commented on Breaking! Egg-Shaped Easter Candy Slog Poll.
The Easter Eggs in the JAMIN candy stores in Amsterdam are so much better than either of these. They have like two dozen fillings or solids in two sizes in dark, milk and white chocolate for a total of well over a hundred choices. They are color coded, foil wrapped and you can mix and match as you like. They got the Cadbury stuff too, but... well never mind... ;-D