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You know... unless you want to date a celibate asexual that is perfectly fine letting you have your alone time with the vibrator.
Apr 10, 2013 Mini Lo commented on Savage Love.
@35: Exactly. All this talk of "omg being in a LTR while in college is the worst idea ever" seems like insecure justification for... whatever their life was like at the time. Mostly, all -I- have to say to those folks is "sorry you wound up dating a bunch of boring losers, but I ain't you". :P

BIB, I'm 24 and married to a guy I met at 19. I'm having a way fucking better time now than when we were in the "honeymoon phase" that everyone is so afraid to move past for some reason. And @16/Betty Draper is spot on. You know how you stop being bored? Stop being boring. Get off your ass and try new things, be adventurous and spontaneous alone and with him. Read erotic stories and figure out what you actually like. Orgasms are only one tiny part of the equation-- it's getting there that should be the fun part. (And trust me, I know what I'm talking about here: I gave up masturbating and climax about two years ago and couldn't be happier. Sure, it happens sometimes, but it's usually just a bit of icing on an otherwise stellar cake.) If you're not engaging your brain during sex, then you're leaving out your biggest erogenous zone.

So... stop it. Figure out things you like other than "coming". That's as useless as saying "I like movies". Well, what the fuck kind of movies? Like I said, the only thing that's going to save that relationship (and to be honest, your future ones) is being selfish and shaking up your current status quo.
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Hey #3!

As a product of a white, racist piece of shit, and a Latina who thought he was cool/could change, don't even fucking think of going there. Even if you two -did-, for some reason, end up dating, he is guaranteed to say and do things that will fuck you up.
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Wow, since when did not wanting to be in an open LDR mean you were jealous an insecure? "I want him to be able to do something that I don't want him to do" always ends up badly. Just tell it straight instead of fucking yourself up by trying to add to your GGG street cred. It works for some people and not others. Oh, and, LDRs do work for the monogamous too, yannow. 4+ years for myself and married.
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@54: I used "ridiculous" cause that quite sums up all the myriad words I've seen used in reference to religion, not saying you said that specifically. And yeah, I get you on the frustration brought about by the religiously-inspired election rhetoric. If I have to hear "almighty God" uttered by a politician one more freakin time...

It's the choice of language used by atheists like, say, #56 that bug me just as much as the shit evangelists say. HAH, as if "understanding" and "feel good" are diametrically opposed. Man, talk about a narrow view of life.
Nov 7, 2012 Mini Lo commented on Savage Love.
@39: No. Just don't say ours is if you can't come up with a lick of evidence for why that's so beyond "ridiculous". I think actions and voting habits can be ridiculous, but not stuff that goes on in peoples' brainmeats.
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Why the fuck isn't there a universal guide on how to get partners acclimated to weird fetishes? And no, I'm not talking about spanking or dirty talk; I'm talking about the kind of stuff that most people haven't even heard of, and would react very poorly to if not introduced slowly and carefully.

As someone who's been very successful at making my weirdo fetishes part of my happy and healthy sex life, I can safely say that you kind of messed up at every step of the way, MUD.
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