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Feb 10, 2016 d.colonel.eyes commented on Fuck You, Spike Lee.
see the film! see the film! see the film! decide for yourselves! remember what satire is! john cusack's monologue was not an exception in the film, it was a large part of its core! the film's not about chicago, it's about violence all over the world! the pussy-strike is an integral piece of the original story! women aren't reduced to "walking vaginas" but rather portrayed as simultaneously being the bearers of life, highly class-conscious organizers, and resisters of the patriarchy and its inherent violence! internet yelling!!!
Apr 11, 2014 d.colonel.eyes commented on It's Not a Tip Credit, It's a Tip Penalty.
Haven't read the Stranger in a while, and this article reminded me why. I enjoy the article itself, and the fact that The Stranger is publishing a series of writings from various points of view. However, after reading a few articles and their outraged/outrageous comments, I'm left feeling sad at how much over-simplification and name-calling is taking place in this discussion. It's a bummer that TS tries so hard to facilitate deep community dialogue and gets stuck in such shouting matches. Anyway, there seem to be a few very notable absences from the discussion of this VERY COMPLICATED PROCESS here.

1. One sticky thing about tips (in all states and situations I'm aware of), is that they are NOT GUARANTEED. This seems to me to be foundational to the socialist argument and the reason their intention to protect workers surfaces in regards to restaurant workers, but we're all discussing it as though tips are some palpable, defined thing. Additionally, there are millions of opinions of why a server or similar worker should or should not get tipped, and millions of personal relationships to "tips", and many different ways to distribute tips amongst a restaurant (which the customer rarely learns), all rendering the notion of "tips" even more abstract.
2. I also note the lack of discussion on taxed wages. "Tips" are taxable wages; this is how I sometimes ended up with a $0 paycheck as a server. Perhaps figures such as ~$9/hr reflect this? Or maybe they reflect the fact that baristas, millions of baristas, are used to watching the nickels they return to their customers hands fall anti-climactically into their "tip" jar...I don't know.

All I know is, I love you, Stranger, and all your writers, but I hate that you are trapped within such hateful, repetitive mainstream political debates. Keep on keepin' on, and call me when you're fed up, too!
Apr 5, 2013 d.colonel.eyes commented on Riding with Strangers.
Hang in there Charles, the devil doesn't usually fuck with us lazy marxists for more than a few days.
Feb 6, 2013 d.colonel.eyes commented on Don't Eat Fried Chicken.
A nice review, Charles...nice. Why is everyone so damn nice to Jared Diamond!? I understand this wasn't a favorable review, but I still think you were too gentle, Mr. Mudede.

I'm in accordance with sgt_doom, in some strange way, and I believe that with Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond has been the captain of an 'intellectualist' pop-culture voyage to conveniently forget about the past and present violence of colonialism once and for all.

I haven't read the new book, nor will I (understanding all the while that this doesn't make me the most credible critic), but "What can we learn from traditional societies?" sounds a bit like "the conquistadores slaid them, the Dutch and English shackled and sold them, our large corporations have murdered and displaced them, and we the upper-middle class of Western society still have the nerve to romanticize their cute little primitive tricks."

Fuck you Jared Diamond, fuck you.
Aug 1, 2012 d.colonel.eyes commented on Runaway Train.
Thanks for the write-up Goldy. I hadn't yet thought of the impacts that this export project might have here in the city; I've been too hung up on the grim fact that the train, losing a ton of coal dust along the way, follows the Columbia River the entire way West!
Jul 16, 2012 d.colonel.eyes commented on Why Can't She Learn?.
@19 I have cried. Seriously. I know a few of the women affected by these beaurocratic decisions, all are amazing human beings. To say these people don't deserve educational opportunity because they should have sough it out earlier is outrageous. Would you have finished school if you had to raise your 3 siblings? Been homeless since age 13? Sent through the school to prison pipeline for "behavioral problems"?

If you need some basic information on the realities of incarceration in this country, and I believe you do based on the ignorance which clouds your comment, Michelle Alexander and Bruce Western are good entry-level authors to start with.

Please at least make an attempt at awareness and understanding, and thank your lucky systems-of-oppression-star that you haven't had to face being locked up.
Jul 11, 2012 d.colonel.eyes commented on Cops Raid Anarchists.
Thanks yet again for the coverage, Brendan.
This is terrible, terrible news for our community. How many feature films about scary Police States does our numbed society need to consume before it realizes we're living in one? V for Vendetta was not an action flick, for fuck's sake!
Jun 4, 2012 d.colonel.eyes commented on Fuck the Vote.

@ 24: nice call

@ 32: you're great

@ 33: grow up, loose your ability to abide, and get frustrated

@ 35: chill and check the redundancy

@ y'all: I want a Dunmire lollipop
Jun 4, 2012 d.colonel.eyes commented on Fuck the Vote.
Thank, fucking, god, for someone who is so unabashedly able to call out the modern mass of frustration that is representative democracy.

It doesn't need fixing, it needs abolishing.

and @ 1: Getting involved is a great thing to do. that is unless it's primary motivator is one's own $elf interest. Or if getting involved isn't an option because one has insufficient time, stable housing, food, education, or other freedoms that allow for the privilege of participation. Oh yeah, and i forgot to tell you (how Times of me!) that the aforementioned sufferings ARE realities in our community.
May 3, 2012 d.colonel.eyes commented on Two Notes on "Violence" vs. "Vandalism".
@30 while I think that property destruction was a failure of the resistance movement in the sense that it gave news media their limited sensational story (however innaccurate), i do not agree with you that this was "not the time to smash windows". a denouncement of capitalism, in the form of property destruction, is not culpable for derailing the rest of the demonstration's message. indeed, the message was NOT derailed at all at the protests themselves, only in their wake as the news media appropriated the events to the benefit of the City's image and their own pocketbooks.

A participant myself, I believe that there were very few actions in the May 1 demonstrationS (yes, there were many!) which at all distracted from the politics of the situation. Most of the violent/destructive/yadayada action came at the hands of excessively armed police, which i believe furthered many participants' understandings of the institutionalized oppression we experience as a species around the globe.

Thank you all for participating in this discussion, but please try to speak only to the level of experience you have with these issues and events. Try to avoid using the words which corporate media have offered us, something I believe Brendan has successfully done. Way to challenge homie!