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Nov 27 frankdawg commented on Friday Photo Fun: This Is What A Casino Thanksgiving Looks Like.
Rhett Oracle
I worked in restaurants in the 60s "plate" was a verb we heard back then so I'd guess a long time ago.

Cato the Younger Younger
MAÎTRE D: A wise choice, monsieur. And now, how would you like it served? All, uh, mixed up togezer in a bucket?

MR. CREOSOTE: Yeah,... with the eggs on top.

MAÎTRE D: But of course, avec les oeufs frites.

MR. CREOSOTE: Yeah, and don't skimp on the pâté.

MAÎTRE D: Oh, monsieur, I assure you, just because it is mixed up wis all ze other things, we would not dream of giving you less than ze full amount. In fact, I will personally make sure you have a double helping.
Sep 29 frankdawg commented on Simpsons Couch Gag: "All Hail the Dark Lord of the Twin Moons".
I guess I am just not hep & cool enough, I thought it as annoying and repetitive without any point or punchline. I thought he was trying to make a point about people claiming the show was all those things in recent seasons.
Sep 4 frankdawg commented on Do We Have a Pumpkin Spice Problem?: A Photographic Exploration.
Sep 4 frankdawg commented on Joan Rivers, Pioneering Comedian-Turned-Contentious TV Personality, Has Died.
#13 - yes, Rush Lamebrain. The last few years were devoted to afflicting the afflicted and not in a nice way. That and promoting her no-talent daughter are best forgotten now that she is dead. Dig up some of her early stuff on youtube & remember why Carson had her sub for him. Then it made perfect sense, the last 10 years - oh hell no.
Sep 4 frankdawg commented on Joan Rivers, Pioneering Comedian-Turned-Contentious TV Personality, Has Died.
SHe was very funny at one time, one of the best standups, not one of the best female but one of the best of all types. The last few years she lost an edge & was just mean & nasty. The movie of her life showed her to be suffering from the awful ego that has destroyed many top comics, it was full of raw bullshit and ugly. But she should be remembered for the top quality stuff she did before all that.
Jul 17 frankdawg commented on "The Journalistic Equivalent of a Flaming Bag of Dog Poop".
So, can the stupid thing never be played again? Played only if there is an all Japanese cast (because it would be just as wrong to have Korean or Chinese actors playing Japanese roles)?

This is stupid, as long as the cast does not go all 'Charlie Chan' or 'Sakini' on the roles its acting. In fact the racist stereotypes in the play - particularly the ones of the Westerners - might be a great place to start a discussion of all Western thought on Asian domination.
Mar 21 frankdawg commented on Police Looking for Man Who They Say Sucked a Woman's Toes in a Walmart.
"I told you this would happen if we allow gays to marry!"
- Little Rickey Frothy-mix
Mar 19 frankdawg commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Pixar Sequels and the Sad Husk Formerly Known as Sarah Palin.
"her new show looks like a hot, steaming pile of shit."

WAIT! Please tell me you are not surprised by this. There is not a thing this brain dead barbie has been involved with that was not a steaming pile of shit. This is who she is & what she does.
Mar 12 frankdawg commented on He Was on Death Row for 30 Years for a Crime He Did Not Commit.
I am sitting in the bullpen area of my county courthouse waiting on jury duty. I was upstairs & interviewed for a jury but found wanting I guess.

A question from the judge to each juror "If you had unlimited money what would you do to improve the justice system?" I mentioned the innocence project and how courts are never reviewed to find out why mistakes are made & how to prevent them. The number of people on death row who are not guilty of the crime is sickening. That nobody is interested in how they got there or how we could prevent more of them getting there is awful.
Feb 27 frankdawg commented on Kurt Cobain or Steve Jobs: Whose Statue Is Uglier?.
You need a third option - both of these would look best at the bottom of Puget Sound. Except that would be cruel to fish & sea life

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