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Jun 9, 2015 green_fox commented on To Nude, or Not to Nude?.
The Naked Beach (Howell Park) is the public access point next door to Denny Blaine. It's all naked all the time. Go before 4 pm, because that's when the shade sets in and it gets chilly!
Jun 8, 2014 green_fox commented on Steve Scher Abruptly Parts Ways With KUOW After Nearly Three Decades.
@31 - I feel the EXACT SAME WAY! Steve Scher invariably sounded unprepared and bored, and stumbled ineptly through countless interviews which was just embarrassing. I am SO RELIEVED he's taken off! Just curious why so abruptly?
May 29, 2014 green_fox commented on Morning News: SPD Officers Are Suing the City, a Helicopter Was Shot Down in Ukraine, and "the Sriracha War Appears to Be Cooling Down".
@9 Companies should "focus on diversity" because structural racism and sexism exist, which means that some groups of people (white, cis, middle- and upper-class men) have privileged access to the education, training, experience, and networks ... which makes those folks "the best people for the job." It's not a true meritocracy because the deck is so stacked in favor of some people over others. If people of color, women, and other underprivileged groups had equal access to those resources, then the private industry workplace would reflect the true (gender, racial, class, ability) diversity of the people living in this country.
Apr 11, 2014 green_fox commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
Hey Stranger, can you tell us which current City Councilmembers live in which districts? I want to know who my future incumbent will be! Also, what are the rules about which district you can run in (and, I suppose, running for an at-large seat).
Feb 12, 2014 green_fox commented on This Weekend I Found Out You Can Have Weddings and Funerals on the Ferry and I Kind of Can't Think About Anything Else.
I'm an infrequent ferry rider, but I've seen three memorial services since 2010. I think it's been on the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry all 3 times. The captain makes an announcement that the ferry will stop for a few moments, and the group of mourners went to the back of the boat (twice the mourners wore all black, once they were in plain clothes). They took a moment of silence, threw the urn overboard, and stood in a group talking, hugging, crying for a bit on the auto deck before going in. The last one I saw was very touching (I was on the back deck above the group, despite intending to avoid them to give them space), but then the honking ferry horn nearly knocked me off the boat.
Feb 7, 2014 green_fox commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Preacher and Pat Robertson.
Holy shit, Piers Morgan is awful in this interview!
Jan 28, 2014 green_fox commented on Good Morning, It's Your Morning News.
Are there SOTU watch parties around town like there were for the presidential debates? I'd appreciate suggestions, especially ones in Cap Hill, Downtown, or nearby neighborhoods.
Dec 23, 2013 green_fox commented on Property Management.
Why didn't the tenants sue? Bottom line, none of us could afford a lawyer, nor did we have time or resources to pursue other legal action.

I am a full time graduate student, and I work 30 hours/week. I personally reached out to two free law clinics, and both told me I was not eligible for help: one because I was not affiliated with the law school/university, and one because they do not deal in landlord/tenant issues. I wish I'd known about the SHJ walk-in clinic at the Courthouse - but, I would not have been able to go during a weekday morning.

My fellow tenants and I did what we could - and it was just not enough to counteract PLP's faceless, sustained bullying. For the most part, we were busy people with a lot on our plates, low-income, and extremely frustrated. So we left. We had to.
Dec 19, 2013 green_fox commented on Property Management.
@21 and @22 - I, and others in the building, did a ton of research for tenants resources and reached out to the city (specifically Jim Metz, mentioned in the article), Tenants Union, SeaSol, several media organizations, and other organizations. We either never heard back, or were told that nothing technically illegal was being done, so there was nothing we could do. Or that the corrective actions needed to be initiated by PLP - yeah right. The city DPD sent out an inspector to look at the holes in my walls, and construction halted for 3-4 days shortly afterward, but it was never clear why/if the two were connected. One construction worker said the work stoppage had to do with getting the permits "in order."
Dec 18, 2013 green_fox commented on Property Management.
Another former resident of Marti's building here, one of the last 4 to move out (having been one of the most recent to move in prior to PLP buying the building). Marti's characterization of PLP's bullying is spot on, but it wasn't *just* the rent-related notices that made living there an absolute hell. In the end, my rent increased by nearly 50% and I moved out, but for months I had to deal with frequent water and heat shut-offs, two holes busted through my wall (while they were doing construction on my empty neighboring units), a flooded bathroom (from improper plumbing on the unite above me), weekly notices-of-entry for unexplained reasons, unbelievable amounts of noise and construction debris ... and the list goes on. And, like Marti, my phone calls and emails to Lorie Bowen and Jason Alldredge went unanswered every. single. goddamn. time.