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Jul 13, 2012 PetiteXL commented on What Can You Do About the Ugly Colors on New Development Projects?.
I think the very blue tint to the windows is the issue - it clashes with the orange and avocado, which would be just fine on their own, used sparingly, as they are here.

Many years ago I worked at the agency the became SoundTransit. They had a meeting one day to present new logos and color schemes for the unveiling of the official Sound Transit. SO MANY beautiful options were presented to the 100 or so people (employees) in the room, including one amazing pink/orange/white wave or curl-type combo that would have looked spectacular on the trains flying through the city. It was so unique I can remember it vividly to this day.
What happened was that the management and board was terrified that the colors the employees chose would be offensive/seem too "fancy" and citizens would complain about perceived over-spending with money, though all of the ideas presented were within the same price range. These managers then went around and made sure everyone new of their concerns and knew that THEY would be voting for the most inoffensive designs. And that is how we came to have the boring blue and green train and light rail colors!
Jun 23, 2012 PetiteXL commented on Man Gets Out of Station Wagon, Pees in the Middle of the Street.
The dick move here is actually The Stranger's - not this guy's. Obviously a middle-aged man with a prostate problem. How can you not see this? Jaysus.
Mar 9, 2012 PetiteXL commented on Text From South Lake Union.
No. The onus is NOT on women to pick an exercise location with no windows in a basement and to wear clothing others deem not "too sexy". The onus is on morons not to ogle and make them uncomfortable.

Sherman Alexie, I love your writing so much! Don't be a creepy jerk and let me down.

Mar 6, 2012 PetiteXL commented on Today in I, Anonymous: Thanks for No Thanks.
Anonymous, I UNDERSTAND. I have recently found 1) An ATM card left in a machine, whose owner I chased down to give it back to and 2) a wallet at the mall, whose owner I also tracked down to give it back to. In each instance, I thought nothing other than, "Oh, I should get this back to the owner," but I was astonished to find that in each case, the guy grabbed the item out of my hand, said NOTHING, and walked quickly away! I'm sure this was partly that they were taken by surprise/worried but they were both unequivocally rude about it. WEIRD.
Feb 3, 2012 PetiteXL commented on SL Letter of the Day: Convention Wisdom.
Hmmmm.... There's something about this letter that seems fake to me. Does @50 have it right? Is this person baiting Dan/trolling for some reason?

Perhaps I'm biased in favor of my own group (Big Girls) but my experience has often been that, having had to deal with a lot of crazy bull-shit re: our size, Big Girls are often a little more mature and realistic about our expectations for others. (And I don't mean that in a gross, "They'll do ANYTHING" way, either.)

This girl scares me!
Jan 28, 2012 PetiteXL commented on Why Do So Many Women Have a Seemingly Irrational Hatred of Zooey Deschanel?.
Zooey is shamefully under-rated as a song-writer and singer! In addition to being super-catchy, her songs are quite cleverly composed and she's no slouch in the lyrics department, either. They're frequently on repeat on my iPod.

I think, though, that we often kind of put down people are happy/positive as not being Serious Artists/Serious People and I sense that Zooey/the persona of Zooey is generally a happy and positive person.

But then, I sort of annoy people in the same way Zooey appears to annoy people - despite my not being as blessed in the looks department.

Jul 22, 2011 PetiteXL commented on Oslo Is Oklahoma.
OK, my bad - twice! It wasn't your quote, and re-reading, it's not so off...
May 13, 2011 PetiteXL commented on SL Letter of the Day: Planning Top.
DTMFA. Why? In my experience, the "invite bottom" is:

1) Not that into you, but hoping something *might* develop. (This is the *best* possible scenario.)

2) Not that into you, but you're OK 'til something better comes along. (They may not realize this themselves, especially at first. Bad news for you.)

3) Passive-aggressive, especially if you've already shared your concerns/insecurities about not wanting to do all the asking. (Run like a mother-fucker!)
Feb 16, 2011 PetiteXL is engaging in avoidance behaviors.
Feb 16, 2011 PetiteXL answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.