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Dec 12, 2014 Bob in Everett commented on Pioneer Square Is Cracking Open Right Near Where Bertha Is Digging.
First Avenue there is not at its original grade when the buildings were built.

To stop toilets from causing geysers at high tide, the streets were raised so the sewer lines could be raised. There is a wall at the edge of the street, with the sidewalk being a bridge from the street to the buildings.

It is possible that the walls holding the fill to raise the street is having problems. Let's not jump to conclusions that it is Bertha.
Jun 10, 2013 Bob in Everett commented on Senate Republicans Hold Budget Deal Hostage Over Drown-Government-in-a-Bathtub Measure.

That is not how the rest of us deal with it. When possible, we substitute lower cost items. However, what we usually do is to eliminate the expense.

If the economy isn't doing as well as you would like, it is because most of us are not buying things the way we formerly could afford. We can't even make capital-type expenses as we used to make them.

Here is an example. Young twenty-somethings are not buying automobiles and not driving the way the same demographic did 50 years ago because it is too expensive to own a car. How does that help car manufacturers in the long run?

I have a nephew that can't afford to complete a four-year degree. He is working to support himself (a good thing, of course). However, how much will he and US society suffer in the future without an educated workforce because, as a society, we are too cheap to make the investment the same way an investment was made in me.

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.
Apr 25, 2013 Bob in Everett commented on Why I Oppose Sub-Area Equity for Sound Transit.
The reason why people outside Seattle would consider voting for Sound Transit is because there is a guarantee that all the money isn't spent inside the city limits of Seattle. Sorry, there are more people in the Sound Transit service area outside the Seattle City Limits than inside. They mayor of Seattle does not have the power or authority to take our money. (And, this is coming from a Democrat.)
Oct 9, 2012 Bob in Everett commented on #Adorable.
The look of desperation: "I'll try anything now to win."
Jul 18, 2012 Bob in Everett commented on Endorsements for the August 7 Primary Election.
"Ruderman is also the only Democratic woman in the race with legislative experience."

So, is having a vagina the only criteria that matters?

Wasn't the support from Hobbs (whose current district is entirely in the 1st CD) for gay marriage at least worth a mention in a review of why you want people to vote in a discussion on why you support Ruderman?

It isn't like Hobbs has been your enemy. At least include him in the discussion of why you should vote for Ruderman. Otherwise your recommendations look like the Vagina Monologs 2.0.
Jun 1, 2012 Bob in Everett commented on So, Did Liquor Prices Go Up?.
Costco lawyers wrote the initiative. It isn't going to go down all that much, even after the distributor licenses are paid off.

Did anyone besides me note that Costco wrote the law so they could be their own distributor?

We've gone from a transparent system to a system filled with hidden costs.
Oct 20, 2011 Bob in Everett commented on Pot Legalization Campaign Has Nearly Enough Money to Make 2012 Ballot.
Washington State is not on track to legalize marijuana next year. Even if this passes, try to send marijuana by US Mail and watch what happens.

This bill only removes state sanctions against it.

Nullification is a concept that was held mostly prior to the Civil War in the United States. It is still hinted at by the Tea Party in the US today.

If you don't know what nullification is, read:…)
May 16, 2011 Bob in Everett commented on The Single Most Important Political Action a Gay Person Can Take.
Harvey Milk was right then, and he is still right.

We need to remember that the act of Coming Out is not the end of the race, but the beginning of the race. You can't win a race you don't start.
Mar 29, 2011 Bob in Everett commented on The Seattle Way Viaduct.
@64, that is not necessarily true. While the hybrid car can transfer some of its energy to potential energy for later use, not all is transferred. There will be energy loss to the atmosphere as the brakes of the car cool. It also takes additional energy to start a car from a dead stop than to keep it moving (momentum).

A hybrid car still uses gasoline, just less of it. (There is a possible exception for a plug-in hybrid that is operated solely within the range of its batteries.)

So, you don't get the same results! SCIENCE!
Mar 28, 2011 Bob in Everett commented on The Seattle Way Viaduct.
And, this issue, if a vote even happens, may be the one time instant run-off voting could have a legitimate use.

Yes, it is 38%, 35%, and 21%. But, what about a second choice in instant run-off voting? The tunnel could easily end up being the most wanted in that case, especially after people figure out that the concrete in the current Seattle Way Viaduct is past its useful life (so why repair it?). (See… )