Apr 26, 2016 Banjax commented on Vegans Are Worried That Bamboo Garden Is Serving Animal Products.
Ain't gonna feed the trolls today.
Mar 25, 2016 Banjax commented on This Week on Blabbermouth: Chelsea Clinton, Pramila Jayapal, and Caucusing 101!.
Chelsea Clinton uses up voice. Every sentence sounds like she's asking a question.
Mar 9, 2016 Banjax commented on What Happened When the City of Kent Lost Nearly All of Its Newspapers.
"Trump's Face or Labia?" pays for Eli to newspaper.
Feb 21, 2016 Banjax commented on Thin Blue Line Meets Blinking Red Light.
Evidence like this would get me fired from my $15/hr job, #1 reason being slacking, #2 reason being poor customer service, #3 reason being conspiring to sabotage the business behind the boss's back. Who's paying the salaries here? Oh, wait...
Feb 20, 2016 Banjax commented on Another Foreclosure Suicide in Washington State.
How many of these foreclosures are older people?
When you're laid off and replaced by a cheap new grad at age 50, it's not easy clawing your way back. No 30-year-old manager wants their mom/dad working for them. Experience matters less in the new economy. Contractors are paid less.
Meanwhile, health care & insurance are much more expensive when you're older. And if you were foolish enough to have a family in Seattle, well, then you're getting your comeuppance. Of course, that modest house you bought in the 90s when you were salaried costs more and more as the new Seattle impacts your taxes.
It's not always greedy yuppies buying too much house. This is a sea change.
(Tldr: Old people need to get with the program.)
Feb 17, 2016 Banjax commented on Construction & Destruction.
Giving our neighbors a face and telling their story. That's how you build a community. That's the role of reporting these days. Gentrification has meant we don't know our neighbors anymore, and not knowing them, we don't care about them. Let's all be visible to one another.
Thanks for this personal glimpse inside the upheaval. (OK, that's my new name for what's going on in Seattle now: The Upheaval.)
That said, imo give these neighbors access to community-building grants. I'd rather have them (us) serving my neighborhood than a new Walmart (which is being threatened for 23/Jax).
Please do some reporting on Vulcan's plans for redeveloping 23/Jax — seen a little on CHS blog, would like to know much more. Thx
Jan 16, 2016 Banjax commented on Cliff Mass Is Wrong About the Carbon Tax and Seattle's Liberals.
My understanding is that soon driverless vehicles are going to make this moot.
Dec 8, 2015 Banjax commented on On His Deathbed, My Father and I Could Agree on Only One Thing: Bach.
A moment of beauty and clarity in my day. Thanks, Charles.
Oct 14, 2015 Banjax commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2015 General Election! (Plus Cheat Sheet!).
I love your endorsements (entertaining at the least, and that counts for a lot in politics), but that illo ... it's the BEST THING EVER.