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To Anonymous
Your letter really touched me. I can in no way give advice like savage (i'm just not as smart lol), but i wanted to remind you that beauty is sooo subjective. Not all of us are looking for accepted standards of beauty, some of us actually find them to be well, "standardized" and boring. Personally I look for the things that make people unique and to me THAT is what makes them beautiful (physically anyways).
One thing that i find really hot is called vitiligo, it's the skin condition michael jackson struggled with. A lot of people find it weird or ugly, but i really hoestly truly find it to be very beautiful to look at. When i see someone with it i can't stop looking at them.
My point is, not everyone is out looking for the same things, and not everyone is quick to buy into the mass media driven standards of beauty.
And how is this for you, apparently i look a lot like lilly cole (i'm actually confused for her) who is a well paid top model that a lot of people think is extremely hot....i find her ugly...just ugly. I don't like her facial structure i don't like her features, i feel horrible that this is "who i look like" when people tell me that, it makes me feel like shit. BUT, I wonder how much of my dislike of her face, is linked to my own lack of self esteem about my own face. I bet i would find her beautiful if i didn't look so much like her. Something to think about.