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Jun 3 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Trump-Supporting Former Navy SEAL Endorses War Crimes on CNN.
I dearly hope Perry O'Brien runs for office somewhere.
May 31 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Wallingford Community Council Accused of "Prejudice Toward Renters".
Dear Birdy@6,



The Stranger Staff Who Haven't Set Foot In Wallingford Since They Were Drunk Undergrads Wandering Up The Hill To Dick's
May 25 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Reduced Utilities Bills Could Become a Reality for Seattle's Low-Income Residents.
Maybe they're partially funding it by cutting all power to downtown today....

(But I'm still all for it.)
Jan 29 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on A Note on the iPad Waiters at JFK.
If Google can turn a compute cluster into a Go master, what do you think it'd take to make a curmudgeonly, post-Marxist noodler that churns out dark, vaguely-ironic missives and blurry Instagram photos? I'm thinking an Apple Watch would probably do the trick.

Just kidding, Charles. Mostly.
Jan 21 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on A King County Judge Just Struck Down Tim Eyman's Latest Anti-Tax Measure.
Eyeman looks like he just got left-swiped by Rodney Tom.
Jan 15 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gives Friend a Beer, Fight Ensues.
The Garfield poster was truly inspired. Thanks for making my Friday even better, Callan.
Nov 5, 2015 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Really? 31,000 Votes for Goodspaceguy?.
Little difficult to bring yourself to vote for the incumbent who landed in office as a political legacy after she tired of her gig as a Microsoft lawyer. But I did anyways...
Oct 19, 2015 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on HUMP! 2015 FILM LINEUP ANNOUNCED!.
I thought the trailer would have more lightsabers. And wookies.
Oct 19, 2015 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Stranger Music Genius Eyvind Kang Has Left Seattle to Teach at CalArts.
Best of luck to Kenney and Kang! Over the weekend, I was just thinking about a wild concert I saw back in the late-90s/early-2000s in the old UW Hub with Kang, Maktub and Horvitz. That was a lot of talent packed into one crappy, crappy venue...