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Jan 23 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on The Morning News: Truck Driver Hit and Killed a Bicyclist Last Night at the Canadian Border.
Re: whale under Coleman Dock: KUOW had a hilarious/depressing interview with a woman who was saddened by the death of the whale, and wondered whether it had anything to do with Bertha.

Could be...though it was probably thimerosal poisoning from an MMR vaccination.
Dec 12, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Reggie Watts Hired as New Bandleader for the CBS Late Late Show.
Nov 17, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on The Renovated Cinerama Deserves the Hype.
I'm with Max@1. Frickn' Hunger Games for the opening? Seriously?

How about christening with a reprise of their 2007 screening of Inland Empire? Now, there's a film deserving of the new sound system.
Nov 14, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Beginning Hits: Listen to Fugazi's First Demos.
I saw them at dc space in 87. OMG, I'm a phcking geezer.
Nov 12, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Philae Successful!.
And the 18:30 UTC press conference is mysterious delayed...hope everything's OK....
Nov 12, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Lunchtime!.
And right across the street from Georgetown Brewing
Nov 11, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Republicans Struggle to Come Up with a Reason Why Net Neutrality Is Bad.
"if'n Mr. Black President is fer it, we're agin' it",

Pretty certain that's not the word they're using...
Nov 4, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on The Song of the Day Is Jesus and Mary Chain's "Upside Down".
Pretty sure I still have mild tinnitus from seeing them in 1986.
Nov 3, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on The Morning News: Serious Car Thefts Are Up 44 Percent in Seattle.
Fuck the SPD and fuck the King County Prosecutor's Office for not doing their jobs.

Actually, you can blame the City Attorney's office -- unless the crime is felony theft (>$5000), the city has jurisdiction for car prowls that happen inside Seattle.

But yes, fuck them.
Oct 29, 2014 Mr. Happy Sunshine commented on Local Vodka Company Dicül Facing "Corporate Bullying".
@1: Don't have to go as far as Colorado. In 2010, the asshats at Magic Hat Brewing Company threatened Georgetown Brewing over their long-established 9lb. Hammer Porter because Magic Hat claimed that it infringed on the trademark for the bottled cat-piss they call, "Magic Hat #9." Forget the fact that the 9lb. is named after a neighborhood bar, and the fact that at the time, Magic Hat did not have distribution in Seattle. (Story in Seattle Beer News)

The kicker is that Magic Hat is not a small, local craft brewer at all -- it's owned by North American Breweries, a large holding company that also owns Genesee, Labatt, MacTarnahan's (aka "Portland Brewing") and...wait for it... Pyramid.

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