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Mar 24 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Required Viewing: Elizabeth Warren Rips GOP.
@10, that's bullshit. Slapping up a web page full of vague platitudes is hardly a substitute for communicating to Americans *how* they're going to achieve it.

Democrats have failed to communicate to ordinary people what the fuck they're gonna do to make their lives better. What was the central message of Hillary's campaign besides "I'm not Trump"?
Mar 24 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Required Viewing: Elizabeth Warren Rips GOP.

Like what?

How about like forming a platform that resonates with ordinary working people? What exactly is the Democrat's platform right now besides "We're not Trump!" What are the positions they want to advocate that will actually improve the lives of ordinary people?
Feb 16 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Rachel Maddow: Something's Up Between Jill Stein & Putin.
Right, because when has Rachel Maddow ever been wrong?…

Ms Maddow earns $19,000 *per day* 365 days a year. She's totally out of touch, couldn't understand why anybody would ever vote Trump ... so why are we still listening to her?

(Btw, I voted Clinton, I hate Trump).
Feb 10 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Blabbermouth Podcast: Trump’s Muslim Ban Gets Taken to Court, Elizabeth Warren Persists.
I've been a fan of Dan for many years, but God it's hard to listen to his batshit ideas about Russian conspiracies.
Feb 9 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead to the Extinction of the Human Race (It's True! Remember Americans? And Canadians? All Gone Now.).
Why not add a provision that if world population ever gets down to, say, 0.5 billion (never gonna happen), *then* we can ban gay marriage? :)
Jan 9 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Today, in Things Donald Trump Is Wrong About.
Fighting Trump will require people smart enough to tell the difference between facts, opinions, predictions and wishes.

You say Trump will get impeached over this Russia scandal? People who believe this are the same people who said his campaign wouldn't get off the ground, that he wouldn't become the nominee, that he would drop out of the face due to the embarrassing revelations, that he wouldn't win the election, and that the electoral college wouldn't vote for him.

Hell, I wished for all of those things, but wishing doesn't make it so.

It is so embarrassing to see my smart liberal friends latch onto this Russia scandal because it makes them feel better. Thank God for Greenwald & Taibbi who can hold more than one thought in their brain at the same time: 1) Trump is terrible & dangerous 2) we should be skeptical of the Russia scandal because the intelligence community regularly lies and/or gets things wrong.……
Jan 9 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Today, in Things Donald Trump Is Wrong About.
You can parse the semantics of the Russian report ("he said the thing in the report didn't say what the officials do not believe there isn't not evidence for blah blah blah"). The fact is that this whole thing is a huge distraction. Nobody "hacked" the DNC -- somebody was able to guess the password. Plus, the materials that were published from the "hack" were genuine.

We liberals are so mad that Clinton lost that we're grasping at anything that will make us feel better. Clinton didn't lose -- the election was stolen! Please. 50% of Clinton voters believe Russia literally hacked the vote tallies.

Again, let us differentiate between facts, opinions, & predictions. The question of whether Mexico will pay for the wall is a prediction, not a matter of fact. Sure, it's factual that Mexico says they won't pay for it. But then again, about 100% of the political elite in the US said Trump couldn't win.
Jan 9 ScruffyBallardMan commented on Today, in Things Donald Trump Is Wrong About.
Battling Trump over the next 4 years is going to require us to have an accurate picture of the world & the ability to apply critical thinking. This post does neither.

The report from last week actually does NOT contain evidence that Russians "hacked" the election. It is so embarrassing to watch my fellow liberal friends swallow this bullshit.

Whether Mexico will pay for the wall is a *prediction*, not a fact. Nobody knows whether there will be a wall and nobody knows whether Mexico will pay for it.

Chuck Schumer being a clown is an opinion, not a factual statement.

Yes, Trump did mock the reporter. You get 1 point.

Fine, DC shops not sold out. 1 more point.

Whether Meryl Streep is overrated is an opinion, not a factual statement.
Dec 22, 2016 ScruffyBallardMan commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: To Stop Trump, Take a Lesson from the Tea Party.
The time you gave to the Hamilton thing last week was really embarrassing. It didn't take someone with a crystal ball to know it would go nowhere.
Dec 8, 2016 ScruffyBallardMan commented on New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman Spoke at Town Hall About What the Internet Is Doing to Jobs and Culture.
The only silver lining to Friedman are the epic takedowns written by Taibbi.

Pretty disappointing to see the Stranger uncritically post bullet points of his talk. Let's see, a neoliberal free trade cheerleader who lives in an elite echo chamber speaking in Seattle shortly after Clinton's shocking loss? Yeah, nothing to talk about here, just take notes.