Dec 18, 2012 Murdoch commented on Overheard in the Office: Gun Control.
The silliest thing I've heard lately is the claim that guns don't kill people, humans do. Of course guns don't kill people, but the lack of responsibility of gun owners does. The demand for universal gun ownership without reasonable laws or controls of any kind creates a climate where any damaged soul feels it is their God-given right to redress their personal grievances against individuals and society, with a gun. If gun ownership is truly an inalienable right then perhaps we should forego the charade and hand them out to each person at birth and let the carnage continue. Cars don't kill people either but drunk drivers do, and we have laws to restrict those drivers and get them off the roads. There is probably more help for drunk drivers than there is for the mentally ill. And is it such a huge compromise to restrict assault weapons and extra round magazines? No hunter I know needs them. Hell, one shot with a scope-assisted, high-powered rifle will kill most big game without anyone even getting out of the blind hundreds of feet away. If you can't hit your target with one shot, you shouldn't be hunting. And if you can't hit a killer with a couple of shots, that person probably can hit you. Let's all stop blaming guns or pretending someone else is, and start taking responsibility for them. I'm sure the 20 children of Newtown would like to see at least that much progress from their ultimate sacrifices.
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Jan 19, 2011 Murdoch commented on What He Said: Michael Kinsley on the Tucson Shooter.
Loughner's rant about people starting up their own currency, as has happened in various parts of the Country, is straight out of the Tea Party repertoire. He didn't come up with these ideas in a vacuum. The radical conservatives of the Republican Party sound every bit as deranged as Loughner at times. It was easy to hate Democrats and Mexicans and anyone not white or heterosexual, in Arizona, and only one more step to Loughner's solution. Do the Republicans own it? Yes! Do they own up to it? No, of course not. They didn't pull the trigger, but they sure cheered him on. And I have no doubt many of them, secretly, cheered for Loughner afterward.