Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Lew Siffer
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9:19 PM yesterday Lew Siffer commented on Rodney Tom's Legacy Is Megalomania, Not Successful Bipartisanship.
I was enjoying a centrist agenda.
Apr 14 Lew Siffer commented on 36 People Shot in 36 Hours in Chicago.
Those damn white NRA gun owners in Chicago need to stop shooting everyone.
Apr 9 Lew Siffer commented on Knife Attack at School Outside Pittsburgh.
No shame, I put in in a jar that a Stranger intern picks up once per month, and then the entire Stranger staff use it for an orgiastic office felch.
Apr 9 Lew Siffer commented on Knife Attack at School Outside Pittsburgh.
Yawn. I send my money dutifully to the NRA and the SAF and this is the current state of affairs:…

Keep your head in the sand if you like
Apr 4 Lew Siffer commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
I wish you would have posted trigger warnings. The article made me feel excessively good.
Apr 3 Lew Siffer commented on Seattle Police Fatally Shoot Bank Robber Reportedly Dressed As Woman.
Another piece of shit recycled.
Mar 28 Lew Siffer commented on Police Beat: The Guns of University District.
Do you believe your own posts Charles? Or are you so blazed out on weed that it amused the hell out you before you hit send? Christ you're boring.
Mar 25 Lew Siffer commented on Hey, the Gun Nuts Are Right!.
#3...who cares? You're in the wrong country.
Mar 21 Lew Siffer commented on The Dude Walking on I-5.
Once Charles gets Alzheimer's, his word salad affliction will disappear & his speech will become straight forward and understandable.

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