Mar 26 onalki commented on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Trumpcare Fail: "It Was Such a Sweet Moment To See".
"It was a huge victory for organizing and for the American people."
I disagree. Although I appreciate all the organizing and public dissent, which certainly raised the public profile of the issue (and made life difficult for lots of repubs at their town halls), it was really the far-right republicans that we need to thank. According to the NYT, the 33 members announced in opposition included 10 moderates, 8 "others", and 15 hard-liners of the freedom caucus. If those 15 hard-liners weren't so all-or-nothing in their resistance, the bill would have PASSED. The really appalling takeaway is that IN SPITE of all the town hall outcry, only 18 representatives (the moderates and "others") were actually opposed on-the-record. That's really depressing...
Jun 15, 2016 onalki commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
Bernie was always showing higher in the polls than Hillary against Trump because the Repubs were aiming all their ammunition on her and totally ignoring him. If Bernie had won the nomination, the Repub attack machine would have soon decimated him with negative ads. He's certainly an easy target for their standard attacks.
Feb 10, 2016 onalki commented on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Win the New Hampshire Primary.
RUBIO: "I did not do well on Saturday night. That will never happen again."
According to the NYT he actually said “Listen to this: That will never happen again. That will never happen again.”
Hey Rubio, you're STILL repeating yourself.
Feb 4, 2016 onalki commented on Liveslogging Tonight's Bernie/Hillary Debate, Yes Another One.
It was actually refreshing to hear two well-spoken intelligent people who could speak in coherent sentences, answer the question asked, and not veer into a word-salad subset of their stump speech after dodging the initial question. (Cf. Marco Rubio.)
Jan 29, 2016 onalki commented on Despite Increased Police Presence, Neighborhood Group Complains the City Still Isn't Doing Enough About RV Campers.
Two things I keep wondering about:
How come there are 15% or whatever more homeless people in Seattle than a year ago?. Did they move here from elsewhere for some reason, or just lose their housing locally?
Where did all these RV's come from? Did the homeless find some source of junker, bare-running RV's to buy, or did they lose their homes and fall back to the old, seldom-used RV's they had in their backyards?
Dec 22, 2015 onalki commented on Trump and Cruz Locked in Tight Contest to be History's Greatest Monster.
Actually, it was explained that she had to wait to use the bathroom because one of O'Malley's aides was in there holding everything up.
Nov 13, 2015 onalki commented on Caryn Mathes, President and General Manager of KUOW, Talks About Her Plans for KPLU.
What a bunch of total goobledegook. Can't public officials ever speak clear English?
Jul 28, 2015 onalki commented on Ann Rule.
I heard this on KIRO-FM yesterday afternoon. They said something about "local author who wrote over 30 novels" (sic). Kind of clueless.
Apr 15, 2015 onalki commented on The Only Thing You Need to Read About Marco Rubio.
Every time I see Rubio, all I see is his huge cartoonish ears.
Feb 6, 2015 onalki commented on Police Union President Tells Seattle Officers to "Be Mindful" on Social Media.
"Your rights .. is curtailed...."

Very well spoken, sir.