Jan 5 reswin commented on Savage Love.
LW2 - I think that answer rolls right into what kind'a films/videos do you do?!?!, if the person hasn't already figured out what an independent contractor doing videos at home probably means. I would work on that line and say something like "I work as an independent contractor with digital content, which really means I can be doing lots of different things/jobs in a given week." Then redirect. I think that's way better then what was suggested. :)
Jan 3 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
It you cannot really see/appreciate why other people might not want a mouse running around their work place, then you're probably the wack job in this scenario.
Dec 13, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
Sounds like you have a self imagine problem you're projecting onto others inaction. People do not need to engage you or acknowledge your existence. In fact doing so can initiate unwanted interaction. Some people take a smile as simply a smile saying have a good day and leave it at that. Others see it as an invitation to interact on a deeper and potential unwanted level. Relax and enjoy your anonymity.
Sep 29, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
@31 Again on you. I didn't say "don't resist," I said "don't yell" -- Like "get the hell out of my bed," which would be punching down, as she noted. Her and some other posters thoughts on the matter were all about understanding and empathizing. I mean really, the victim shouldn't yell back even if the thief is yelling at you, and she appreciates the store probably has "a strict policy on stealing." Yeah, they need a policy. It's a hilarious anon. Also,If you didn't notice my response wasn't an angry "I hope they cut your head of and rape you dead body," but focused on just opening yourself up to the community at large, be giving and understanding yourself. I was laughing and imagining a person just wanting a little love. I was actually thinking snuggling, and perhaps you wouldn't have rushed to rape if I had said that, but that's the only measure I will give. I don't equate "a little love" to rape and don't think rape is funny, which is the only reason I have responded. So, yes, seriously.
Sep 29, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
@28 - I was thinking spooning not rape. A little love does not equal rape, that's not love. You took it there, so look to yourself for insights on that. You could have at least said "if I was referring...". Otherwise we seem on the same page, it's a bit obnoxious to ask the victim to worry about the thief's feelings.
Sep 28, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
@10 - Right on the money - not that such is a rational response. Otherwise, if you, anon, really feel that it's ok for other people to have there stuff stolen then permanently prop open your front and back door open and help out those in need. Also, remember the person climbing into your bed is just looking to get warm or for a little love - don't yell, just embrace.
Aug 31, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
@4 Ahhhh. Maybe so. I wish you could see the article when your responding, like it was in the past. Having to go back to double check your understanding is a PITA.
Aug 30, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
I appreciate your empathy for the fellow, but why the hell would you push money into his hands - enable much. Bad idea.
Aug 29, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
You sound like a reasonable, caring, sane person responding maturely to a bad situation. Be happy you found out and had the wherewithal to move on quickly. I have no issues with someone that I'm dating exclusively reading my texts and such. That being said, I don't become exclusive too quickly either. Hey, now that your single, want to grab a coffee? :)
Feb 17, 2016 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
If you jerked in public, male or female, you just joined the creep union, so don't be such a hypocrite.