May 17 reswin commented on I Anon: I Came to Seattle Knowing What the Weather Would Be Like.
Why isn't this simply a comment on last weeks Anon.
May 11 reswin commented on I, Anonymous: It's Seattle. It Rains Here. Get Over It..
Wow, the above comments cover the alternative ways to handle such minor annoyances, but in the end you have to live with yourself, and you're an Asshole. You stiffed your waitperson because you're an Asshole, don't make excuses, and I hope karma takes a shit on your life.
Apr 5 reswin commented on I, Anonymous: White People, Stop Asking Me to Pay for Your Party.
Stop going to the fucking parties. Wow, hard problem to solve.
Mar 23 reswin commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
@14 - LOL, nice catch. And, we should treat those children just like normal people....
Mar 22 reswin commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
I spit when I have a cold or some other congestion, and no I'm not going to carry around a tissue to spit into. I think spitting in the street or in the grass is fine, which is what I do and I'm no going to stop - bwahahaha hock'a'too
Mar 17 reswin commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Eleven: Nickel Creek.
@1 - I really enjoy this column and for a second I also thought that this iteration was about her pretending to like Nickelback, for which I would have lost all respect of the author. There are somethings you just cannot and should not fake. Instead, I'm now interested in checking out Nickel Creek. Keep on rock'n Kathleen.
Mar 1 reswin commented on I, Anonymous: Post Pot.
One word of caution. The person that mailed the package probable knows the returned address he/she used. If they are unsavory enough they may come looking for their package. I'm guessing it's probably a neighbor. Use an address that close enough that if it is returned you have the potential to spot it and retrieve the box before the home owner is aware. That being said, I'd take out whatever portion you're interested in giving to friends and give the rest to the police, if they live close enough they will see the cop car and leave you alone, or, if it's legal, give it to cancer coop.
Feb 15 reswin commented on I, Anonymous: You've Changed.
I could be wrong, but it pretty much appears that she is talking about Seattle, not a person. She isn't wishing drug abuse on someone, but found it as part of the overall fabric of how she remembers the town that she loved and accepted as is.
Jan 5 reswin commented on Savage Love.
LW2 - I think that answer rolls right into what kind'a films/videos do you do?!?!, if the person hasn't already figured out what an independent contractor doing videos at home probably means. I would work on that line and say something like "I work as an independent contractor with digital content, which really means I can be doing lots of different things/jobs in a given week." Then redirect. I think that's way better then what was suggested. :)
Jan 3 reswin commented on I, Anonymous.
It you cannot really see/appreciate why other people might not want a mouse running around their work place, then you're probably the wack job in this scenario.